Don't || COMPLETED by jasonnmcann
Don't || COMPLETEDby jasonnmcann
When Jason McCann,the worlds most wanted criminal , wants something...he gets it Simple No matter what it takes to get it When he sees Kylie he knew he wanted her for h...
  • kyliejenner
  • jasonmccann
  • dangerous
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Two Gangs and a Golden Girl by HollyShmit
Two Gangs and a Golden Girlby Holly Shmit
"I didn't ask to be in the middle of your ego-battle," I grumble. Blake pins me to my locker, hands resting on either side of my head. "Well, you got it i...
  • teenfiction
  • teen
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Gangs Aren't My Style (A Black Death Novel) by FarCryNovels
Gangs Aren't My Style (A Black Victoria Lynn Chatley
{1st in the Black Death Trilogy} Gangs have never caused Ally anything but misery and heartbreak. Not only are they the reason that she watched her brother commit murder...
  • brother
  • gangs
  • lies
His Princesa | ✔ by JazzLuvs_
His Princesa | ✔by ♡Queen Nugget♡
*BOOK ONE* "You're not leaving," Gabriel said, his brown eyes darkening as he pushed himself off of the bed, stalking his way towards me. It was intimidating t...
  • protect
  • kidnap
  • spanish
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The Gangleader's weakness  by bbb_xx
The Gangleader's weakness by 🤫
When Skye goes to visit her heartsick best friend, she's in for the shock of her life as she's save by one of the dangerous people that walk on the streets. Read and exp...
  • pain
  • guns
  • teenfiction
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Rescued by LittleLindsey
Rescuedby Lindsey
"Do you know the punishment for betraying me?" Ace's low voice echoes through the night as I catch a glimpse of his gun in his hand. I avert my eyes to the gro...
  • ace
  • powerful
  • depression
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Of Mobsters and Men by TehPeaceMaker
Of Mobsters and Menby TehPeaceMaker
Stefano Vanzetti. You'd have to be living under a rock if you grew up in northern Boston and didn't know who he is. He's the heartthrob of every Italian girl in my neig...
  • violence
  • gangs
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His Girl by Kim_Kimberly_
His Girlby Kimberly
"I inherited it from my mum."
  • goodgirl
  • sass
  • gangleadersgirl
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Death of a King by The_Queen_97
Death of a Kingby Carebear!
Sadie Caster is a good girl with a bad attitude and the mouth of a sailor to match. Though she pretends life is perfect, her family is falling apart, shredded by death a...
  • motorcycles
  • action-adventure
  • death
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The Fire In Me by mysticgirl18
The Fire In Meby QuietFighter
HIGHEST RANKING #1 Funny #2 Mystery #2 Action BOOK #1 in the Fight Till Death series He leaned closer to me, keeping me pinned against the wall with his hands on either...
  • highschool
  • strong
  • smartmouth
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Sold To A Gang Leader (Complete) by princess_Ann_boss
Sold To A Gang Leader (Complete)by princess_Ann_boss
Meet Anna Isabella Spade. Anna is not like any normal teenage girl. Anna parents are gang leader. Ever since Anna was a little girl she has trained to become a killer. W...
  • badgirl
  • kidnapping
  • mystery
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Devils Daughter  by haxel_lizz_xx
Devils Daughter by haxel_lizz_xx
Hi i am mia i am a nerd until i got tired of pretending to be one i soon lrt my true self show and many things happened i learned things about my self that i didn't even...
  • mistery
  • gangs
  • betrayal
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My Dad Sold Me to a Gang Leader. ( Editing )  by Kit_Kat_Cat23
My Dad Sold Me to a Gang Leader. ( Cc joe
17 year old Jess has had a crappy life ever since her mom left her with her dad. Hes always drunk and beats her. She had to drop outta school to hold two jobs to feed th...
  • love
  • killing
  • bad
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The Mafia Boy by drxnkenpastels_x
The Mafia Boyby K
Rachel James, a 17-year-old junior in high school, and Kaiden Grey, an 18-year-old senior, have never spoken a word to each other. Rachel is your typical shy girl in sch...
  • wattys2017
  • rivals
  • gangs
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She Always Fights Back by KenzieMayC13
She Always Fights Backby Kenzie
I was a loner, I was a nerd, I am a fighter. A street fighter to be exact. Mia Smith was a total loser in school, but when school was out she was a total badass. She d...
  • featured
  • streetracer
  • romance
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The Gangleader and Skittles. (Completed) #wattys2018 by awesomebeastess
The Gangleader and Skittles. ( Awesomeness
Basically let me tell you how this tale of fuckery and drama began .......... " Ahh ci she's with you" a guy in a black hoodie muttered as he took in my appear...
  • wattys2018
  • gangs
  • completed
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The Bad Girl and The Gangleader  by BadBitch-1
The Bad Girl and The Gangleader by BadBitch-1
Nicole Santiago is a 18 year old bad girl. She smokes, drinks, street fights and street races, has sex for fun and cares about none other than her and Madison. She shows...
  • badboy
  • badass
  • wattpad
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The Gang Leader's Angel {Completed} {#Wattys2017} by chibz_love
The Gang Leader's Angel { chibz_love
In Jacob Hunters world there is no place for innocence. Becoming a gang leader at the age of 19 he was forced into a position he never wanted in the first place but a ye...
  • badboy
  • bad
  • good
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Dangerously In Love  by BrianaLwrites
Dangerously In Love by Briana L.
Camille's life been full of unexpected pain, she lost her parents at young age and had a bad dealing with the wrong guy. After that her life was pretty much normal with...
  • lovestory
  • interracial
  • brothersbestfriend
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La Principessa e il Diavolo (The Princess and the Devil) by princesstreatment
La Principessa e il Diavolo (The Squid
* "How do I look?" he asked smirking at me. I shrugged. "Eh, I've seen better." "Really?" he asked sensually. He stepped forward towards me...
  • princess
  • mafia
  • lovestory
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