Chapter 6 - Just not enough

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 6 – Just not enough


If a few days ago someone asked me, how was your weekend like, I would have replied like I always do. Normal, because I worked with Seth and then I had lunch with the staff. Go out with Marie for shopping and then go home and watch a movie and take a shower. A normal routine for me as you can see, I don’t exactly do anything that will require too much effort unless I wanted to. But if they told me now how was your weekend like, I would of have said disgusting, irritable and simply mind boggling. And if they asked why, I wouldn’t go around saying I’m getting hitched with the yakuza nope I would be busy trying to tell them all the ugly stuff of being humiliated in front of them. Belittled for something we didn’t deserve, getting told off by Saya made me realise I will not have a easy married life. Nope, in fact it’s just another way of saying ‘well done Blair welcome to survival yakuza where not only new comers participate families are included’.

It was already a few days into the week; they had rearranged the dates on when to get married. So I was dreading the day that was coming, when I fly off to Japan and get the marriage done and then come back to do the white wedding. I was nervous, I was scared and I was lonely because I couldn’t tell anyone. And I had the idea of revealing it to Marie this afternoon after this lunch break. But I couldn’t find her, I wondered into the REC room hoping she would be there as she always is. But nope, I walked into the music room and then around the corner of the school. No sign what so ever. Where was she? I was a bit upset.

I looked towards the gate, and noticed the College students were doing some gym today. I caught Hunter in the corner with his buddies and I was surprised. Did they also go to school here to? With the escalator system it seems anyone would go. I frowned as I stared at them, I really did feel envious. To have someone as those three as close to you. But the story to me seemed so blunt was it really true? Whatever they said it seemed too good to be true, to make me like Hunter or something it made no sense.

I went back into class; I had no use of standing their wondering “what if”, with my life. And I needed to face up to it sooner than later. The longer it took to admit this the faster it became a problem with me. By the end of last period I managed to see Marie sitting in her seat, when I walked up to her I noticed something was wrong. Her look told it all, and I was concerned is that why she avoided me today?

“Marie?” I called she looked tired, I respected her a lot although she was adopted into a family of strangers, she never ever once complained. Although they make her work so much it angered me a lot.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you sorry, what’s up?” Marie smiled I looked at my best friend and wanted to cry, her life seems worse than mine right now.

“Tell me what’s wrong; is it your Aunt again? And don’t hide it you know I’ll go there and get the info out” I looked at her as I sat down opposite her.

“Yes, we might lose the shop we're low on cash how embarrassing” she mumbled her eyes sparkled and I knew she wanted to cry.

I dove into my bag and wrote out a cheque, I know right, a chequebook I’m not even that rich, but I had funds and savings in my name just in case.

“Take this don’t complain owe me back whenever” I replied as I got her palm and slapped the cheque in, we had done this many times and my grandfather knew so he always ushered me to help.

Marie was a good kid, when her mother passed away her father was the only person alive. He decided to only take her younger brother instead of her, and left her with her mother’s sister. Whom she took in regardless as she had no choice, and made her earn her living. Which was harsh treatment as her aunt was an mean old women, her cousins were small they didn’t understand but her uncle was kind to her when his wife wasn’t looking. I think she respected that she was dumped on to them without any warning especially when she was only thirteen years old.

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