Chapter 32 - Baby blues

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 32 – Baby Blues


“So you will go pick them up for the next couple of days” said Carina as she folded her newspaper, I was still a bit worried as to whys she asked me. Did she not realise I was a danger magnet?

“Of course, are they staying here?” I asked wondering if both the boys Kyro and Tei, actually was staying with us while their parents had jetted off for meetings.

“Yes, they are in school now they will be back later this evening, they are at the day care they have also left Serena in your care can you look after babies?” Carina said with a mock glare at my way.

“Of course, I know how to look after them it will be my pleasure” I said through gritted teeth, I wasn’t sure if I should drop the tea in my hand on her face or something.

I didn’t see Hunter all day which was good, because I was still feeling weird after what we did. I went red when I kept thinking about what we did. I was such a prudish person sometimes when I shouldn’t be. I mean it was good, more than good it felt like I hit gold when I was with him. The way he did his things and made me feel more than relaxed, had me feel a bit more cautious as well.

“You should go now they are waiting” Carina said I got up and bowed to leave.

I stepped inside the car where it took me to the school they were in; it was a smaller division of the escalator school which meant not a lot of people could get their kids in this one. It was a highly prepared place to be, glad I didn’t go here I kept thinking. I walked into the class to see if I could stop the two cousins, I had gained marrying into the family.

I saw a teacher walking by and I waved to her. She came a bit confused and I explained who I was and who I was looking for.

“Oh Kyro and Tei are playing outside” said the teacher “I am Miss Guard their drama teacher we were hoping to see their parents, as it’s a play we are preparing for now.” She said with a concerned look.

“Sorry they are really busy I am the closest they have” I said which wasn’t a lie I thought.

“That is fine, do you want to see them or would you like to see the baby first?” Said the teacher

“I would love to see Serena if possible” I asked and followed her to the tiny room where babies were, and I cooed they smelt and looked like babies, I saw the one year old girl and I grinned.

She was so adorable, her eyes were slightly slanted mischievously but you could see her brown eye twinkling, it was like melted chocolates so dream worthy. She didn't seem to know me but yet came to me, and I felt so happy to actually be here. It was my first time to be with a baby, it’s a shame because I always wanted siblings.

“Blair!” I heard and saw two bundled kids rushing towards me.

“Whoa whoa calm down!” I said as they circled me they stopped and laughed, as if it was a joke.

I was still holding Serena, who laid her head on my shoulders and I bit my lip not to scream in delight This was so heavenly even to me. I tried not to hug her too hard, but she felt like a pillow inside my arms and so warm.

“The teacher wants you to come to the meeting now” said Kyro, his brown hair all messy and sticking at all angles he reminded me of a cartoon character.

“Of course where is it, could I bring Serena” I asked

“Yes as long as you come hurry they started!” Said Tei who nudged me to move.

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