Chapter 33 - Stressful Studying

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 33 – Stressful Studying


“I’m sorry Blair but these marks will not help you at all, it’s really bad” said my teacher looking concerned and I stared at her. Could she not know what I went through?

“The finals are coming up and I don’t want to be put down a grade or redo it please!” I begged

I had failed more than three exams. Yep how unlucky I was I had been awake all night slaving till this day, these mocks decided how well I did and in the end I failed the most important ones.

“Well, let’s hope you can bring them up soon or else we will have to cut you back” she sighed and I deflated it was the worst news ever.

“Don’t worry I will make sure I pass” I replied determined even if it meant no sleep at all or not eating. This was so not going to be good.

I had gone outside to see the boys waiting for me; I looked at them and sighed. They looked at me confused because I didn’t reply to them. How could I tell them I was failing this wasn’t there problem, it was mine and I wasn’t sure what to do. I stuck my thumb nail in my mouth and bit it, I was nervous as hell and I was worried like crazy.

I tried to grab my phone to call Seth he was absent today and I wondered why. I mean after all he was the only thing close to me. I wonder if he was ok, should I go visit. But I remembered Hunter’s face whenever I went near him. Was it weird? I was still searching for my phone I looked around everyone in the car and saw they were off in their own world, I had lost my phone.

I didn’t want to tell them that either, I had a worry feeling they will shout at me. I was fed up of all of this I was angry and bitter. And I was never ever that angry, I felt as if something was crushing me, my wings felt trapped in this hellhole I wasn’t happy. I missed my grandfather the dreams I kept having woke me up in cold sweat. I rang the house and no one picked up and I assumed he was out because grandfather did that. I was being paranoid for no reason but when I saw Seth not here I panicked ever more, and worse of all these stupid exams were making me crazy.

“Why do you keep shaking your leg” Hunter said as he held it down with his hands, I gasped.

“What are you doing?” I said clearly shocked

“I said stop shaking your legs what’s wrong” he looked at me like I was crazy.

“Nothing” I mumbled, but he didn’t want to hear that instead he grabbed my arm, and pulled me towards him.

“Tell me now” he breathed I looked at him and frowned.

“I failed my stupid mocks if I don’t pass I won’t go to the next grade there happy!” I said clearly embarrassed.

“Is that it?” He said as he let go and went back to his side, my mouth was hanging open was he joking?

“Are you kidding me? Is that all you say” I shouted “I’m panicking because if I fail I don’t pass and go to the next damn grade, and will be stuck with your sister or something clearly that’s nothing to you!” I interjected folding my arms; he raised his eyebrows at me.

And so did the others, I admit I do sound crazy. But I have my reasons and this was not helping in either form or shape. I was blowing a tantrum and going emotional, It was making them feel uncomfortable and me.

“I need to pass” I whispered sadly

“Don’t worry so much Ojou” Declan said laughing

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