Chapter 9 - Meeting with the Pop's

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 9 – Meeting with the Pop's


I rushed off to work; I just didn’t want to hear anything from him. Hunter was making everything so difficult. His family even worse, I hated how I was around them, I felt hopeless and I was sure I couldn’t reject this stupid necklace too. I don’t care about a family heirloom, understandable if it was my family but it wasn’t. So what do I do with this families, I’m only going in by marriage I don’t deserve this. It was futile to even think so.

I sighed, why was I acting up? I should ignore this. But I couldn’t help but remember how Hunter’s touch had made me feel. It was something I knew I felt with Seth. And it wasn’t pretty, I hate to admit it but I didn’t want to say I had more than a crush on Hunter. I think it was more, but I knew for sure I didn’t like him at this moment, but I did care for him in a short space of time but was it worth it?

Chances were slim right now that I would be anything more. I didn’t even know why he agreed? For business purpose but I was sure he was forced. No one in their right mind agrees so easily like he did. And that annoyed me; he didn’t even put up a fight. I did, and I didn’t like how I was looking like a bad guy. They should be happy I even agreed. But having the aunt’s hate loate me bothered me alot. What did I ever do?

I was walking all the way to the restaurant; I hoped they understood my situation. I was just happy to get out of there right then. For an hour doing the table manners fizzled my brain, I never knew that customs were so damn hard. It just didn’t make sense for a minor like me to do this, I mean I just turned sixteen I’m still young, although many girls around my ages in other countries must be married with kids. I just didn’t want to be those I have urges to do more, be more. I just hope they don’t tie me down.

I walked into the restaurant. Once I got there I greeted the people and then talked them. Lovely as they are, they have accepted me to help them. So I got my gear and went straight to work, I didn’t even look twice at anything but kept working. I waited the tables and I cleaned the dishes, all I had to do was continue this job for about a week or two and I could pay off the bills quickly. I will dip into my account savings and fish out the rest that should b settled. I knew once I was married off I will have money inputted in. Or I will use Hunters; I will make sure I do, the least he could do for this fake marriage. So financially I wasn’t worried, I think my grandfather was the only one who was.

I was so interested in the work I was doing, I never noticed or took the time to notice that I was in fact creating problems. My brain was full of problems I couldn’t fix, that I had dropped about a million plates and glasses. Which in my case is rare because I have never dropped anything in my life, was a sign of bad luck? I was curious was I doomed forever now.

I saw Seth walk in his; cat green eyes stared at me in awe. And was it anger I saw glinting? Was he angry that was something new. I was clearly shocked as I had the broken glass in my hand. He was really annoyed today and I have no idea why. I looked at him sheepishly and I didn’t want to do anything by ruining this moment. So I stood their holding the glass as he strode towards me with his god grievingly long sexy long legs.

“Are you alright?” he muttered low

“Of course I am “I squeaked I blushed, he was so close to me I could smell his scent and I faltered.

“No you’re not, I can tell because you’re breaking things” he said sadly, as he took the broken glass away from me “Let me handle this just wait the tables, don’t want you ended up in the hospital too” he growled

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