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Chapter 27 - Dancing my way through

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 27 – Dancing my way through


We came back home the next day, I just had flashbacks of Erica’s face when she was bathing in the open bath. She looked so much smaller to me now, and the best part of it all was the connection she was getting from Haru. I knew she was too young to understand things about him, but I knew he wouldn’t break her heart like that.

I also remember the frantic calls on Hunter’s phone he seemed stressed and so busy. When I walked out of the bath he looked at me and sighed. I don’t know whether it was a good sign or anything but I knew he looked bad.

The unexpected trip to the inn was something I didn’t want. But it was good enough for us, so when we came back home. I felt refreshed and felt as if I could do much more than be lazy. Hunter himself looked good too and also smelt nice, we had dropped off Erica and the three of us were dazed in the car. No one spoke and I had felt weird after the confessions from Haru, I weren’t sure how to take it or act.

“You got something important to do today” Hunter had said as we drove near the garage

“What is it?” I asked wondering if it’s something bad

“You got a Japanese dance class to go to” Hunter replied with a smirk

“What!” I screamed “But I don’t know anything about it!” I replied

“I don’t really care about that, you got to take this up with Grandma” he said and stepped out

I stumbled out and rushed towards him, I couldn’t believe he just sprung this on me. If I wanted to make an impression this wasn’t one of the things I could do it with. How did he expect me to do this?

“Oh you are home” Carina replied as she sipped her tea

“Grandma” Hunter replied and bent to kiss her spotless clean aging face

“Hunter I do expect you to join us today” she said sharply, he sighed. So I wasn’t the only one to go.

“I don’t want too grandma but if you insist I will” he said and bit into an apple he took off the table.

“Yes please, and also Blair there are some clothes upstairs do wear them we don’t have much time we shall leave in fifteeen minutes” Carina said and sipped her tea again.

“Yes” I said as my shoulders sagged in defeat, this wasn’t going to be good I thought.

I walked upstairs and wondered if it was wise to tell her I didn’t want to go. Then I grimaced this would be the worst to tell her I’m not going because of what reason? I had none, I was ok I wasn’t shocked or scared. I had just let go of my sister and I’m back home. I sighed and looked at the clothes in front of me, I had to wear a kimono again and I groaned.

Once I actually put the thing on and went downstairs, I had hoped Hunter would be ready or something. This was a pain in the ass already, and I felt like my ribs would be broken the kimono felt so tight.

“Hunter will not be coming” Carina had said and she walked towards the car, I looked at her wide eyed and walked behind her.

“What?” I whispered

“Maya hurry along! We do not have much time” Carina tutted and I sat in the car; I saw Maya rush out and she looked immensely beautiful in her gold patterned royal blue kimono.

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