Chapter 3 - Just thinking...

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 3 - Just thinking...


If there was such thing as alternative decisions in my family I think I would have done something. But because there is nothing I couldn’t do much. I know people say that you can do whatever you feel like but I was only sixteen, I barely knew what I wanted in my life. The only thing I knew was, that I wanted my childhood friend to actually propose to me.

I would imagine us together and think yes this is how I want to be in future. But it was only wishful thinking and boy did I get a surprise when Hunter proposed, a man like him with a girl like me? Who would have thought, I know I didn’t clearly because I was so busy thinking about my grandfather. I forgot what was best for me no, let me rephrase I knew what was best for me. Disregarding my outer family, my grandfather was the only man I had in my life who nourished and cared for me. And as any person who would want to reflect on this I knew I chose the right path for now.

Considering Hunter did say this was not a love marriage it was a marriage of convenience im guessing, It was more of a way to show that yes we are married but we can see be separate. Don’t ask me why I thought this was the best idea, thinking of someone else cheating irked me. But in reality in a situation like this, I knew I would do anything in my power to avoid being stuck with him. So I agreed and I knew there was something else behind this stupid marriage, that didn’t help calm my nerves. Who didn’t argue with someone getting married to someone they didn’t love? I know he's up to something but I didn’t know what, god help me understand.

“Hey watch out!” I heard someone shout but it was too late, I managed to hit my head on the pole and held my forehead and groaned.

“Shit, that must have hurt you ok” I heard a male, as his hand touch my forehead and I knew it was “Talk about a wakeup call” he laughed that rung beautifully in my ears suddenly the pain was gone.

He kept rubbing my forehead with his palm, which made my head shake. Awkward, but it was cute and I loved the feel of his hands on my head was soothing. Let’s not forget the smell of sea breeze in the morning felt like summer was near, even though we were in the dreary time of snow.

“Ah I’m ok now” I replied and moved away before he could feel I was hot and looked away.

“You sure Blair I remember clearly how you were all the time” laughed the boy in front of me and I looked to see what a gorgeous smile he had.

“Oh be quiet Seth, I know I wasn’t that bad” I huffed and he laughed harder as he walked away and I tried to catch up with him.

Seth was one person I knew I could rely on. I felt bad tangling him in my problems but I knew deep down he did care for what happened to me. And I couldn’t resist the urge to tell him what I’m going through now. But I needed to hide this matter, I couldn’t even squeak it to my best friend at all or else, it’s all goes downhill from there and I would get into trouble.

He was as usual very bright and chirpy in the morning, the only personality of boys who I couldn’t help but fall in love with. My mutual infatuation with him came when we I was thirteen, Seth being Seth helped me when I needed it as I fell down during cross country what a lovely guy he was, he was only a year older than me but I still couldn’t help but crush on him.

And now, as we walked into school I still find girls flocking over him like birds. Kinda clichéd but no one really cares all they want is the attention of the nicest boy they can find. And that is none other than Seth. Leaving me smiling because I knew he was way out of my league, he deserved someone better than me, I gave him a smile as he looked at me for help and I walked away.

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