Chapter 11 - Meeting at the Vanvoreen house

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 11 – Meeting at the Vanvoreen House


“Blair, the red goes in before the green” said my mother to me her cheerful face lighting up as she held me.

“No green goes first!” I said adamant that it was the right colour. Oh how I was wrong, I would always be wrong.

“Honey!” laughed my mother, and she started to tickle me

All the giggling felt so nostalgic.

“The red goes in before the green” I woke to a familiar male voice, I grunted. It felt like bricks had fallen on me and I winced in pain.

“No it’s the green” I mumbled slowly, as my eyes shot open, I noticed the surrounding and shivered.

“Blair!” I heard a voice so close, I closed and reopened my eyes to see his face so close to mine. That we bashed heads and we both groaned.

“Ouch” I grimaced

“Shit” he growled rubbing his forehead.

“What the hell Hunter!” I grumbled and before I knew what was going on. He engulfed me into a hug that took me by surprise. “Wh-what are you doing?” I gasped

“I’m so glad” he breathed. His face buried into my neck, his embrace was so hard it felt suffocating, but I felt myself blush nonetheless.

“LET GO!” I said pushing him away, I saw hurt flicker through his eyes and I felt guilty. “I’m going to ask you this once who were they?”

I saw his hesitation, I knew he wouldn’t say it to me he couldn’t. No he didn’t want to infact he didn’t want to expose me anymore than I already knew. And when he didn’t reply I knew he struggled to even say anything.

“Get out” I said bitterly and I saw him sigh and leave out the door. While I leaned back and tried to block everything out.

I watched him leave without a word. He was so stupid his forgiveness was what I wanted, his trust but he didn’t ask or tell me anything. And it got harder to believe anyone, how will I survive in this harsh world without knowing who to rely on?

Next day was pretty easily sorted. I packed my clothing; I wasn’t in the hospital for long. This was a good thing, because I hated it. I breathed a sigh of relief when no one knew what had happened. All I needed was another problem after another. But there was only two days left before I got married. A sixteen year old like me, I had just turned sixteen. When I was asked if I could marry with a man called Hunter Suzuki. A twenty one year old guy who was not only super hot, and very cute. He was also a third generation yakuza leader.

So did I have a choice to ignore this marriage? No. I was stuck into it without realising. I could complain all I want, but this was for my grandfather. He worried and I know it was pathetic to commit into the marriage like that. But I knew that it didn’t matter how much I had fought them. Hunter wanted me, and why I had no idea. We did not think of each other like boy and girl. Well for me I know I didn’t, I didn’t love him, I didn’t like him and I know for sure he is the same. But he would not admit it, the Suzuki family is hiding something but will not tell me. My mission was to find out what and make sure it doesn’t involve me or my family.

So here I was packing, and going home after a day here. I was fully recovered a few scratch marks here and there. And best thing of all no sign of Hunter ever since I said “Get out”. I felt happy but I felt sad that I hurt his feelings. But right now my priority lay in the hands of Seth and his workplace.

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