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Chapter 23 - Blurting out the truth

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 23 – Blurting the truth


It’s been a week, and my swollen face had calmed down. Except now I had a scar on my forehead and a smaller one on the left arm. Which isn’t so bad, it’s not like I could care less of what will happen to me if go on living in this house. When I woke up I unconsciously touched my head, I still felt the aftershock of the battle or being hit in my case. I shuddered, I got out of bed and hopped into the shower, I guess in my condition Hunter had some sense to leave me resting in the bed instead of the couch. The warm water hit my skin and it felt like it was burning then, I realised the small tinge of bruises were still there and will take a bit more time to heal.

I ached still but I was determined not to miss school, and when I hit the school in time. I had a nervous feeling something will pop up. I walked into the class when no one was around, and sat down. It was refreshing change for once; I was cooped up in the house far too long. I was unconscious for two days, but I managed to focus well on the rest. And all I saw was me by myself, I had the butler come in sometime to give me the food, and then I would get help from a maid or nurse to the bathroom. But still then I was alone, and I did a lot of crying round those times too, because I knew no one would come see me.

I just hoped grandfather didn’t know what happen, he would have died with a heart attack straight away. That was one thing I couldn’t do not now I kept thinking. The kids filed in one by one, I sighed it was history first lesson and I dreaded it, because I have missed a weeks worth’s of notes. How annoying was it to fill in the gaps of where I left off? I didn’t even know what the hell was going on then.

“Ah welcome back Blair, I hope you are feeling well” the teacher asked

“I am thank you” I mumbled I don’t know what Hunter’s family said about my absence, but I played along hoping it wasn’t something bad.

“As you all know that it will be mocks starting from tomorrow, so I hope you guys are prepared” said Mrs. Wentz

Holy crap, I cursed and moaned silently. I had forgotten It was mocks week oh great how the hell will I survive this. I cried silently and placed my palm onto my head I cannot handle this now. I was still bruising, and I don’t think my brain can handle cramming so much notes in I was so going to fail. And my dream to be a teacher gone down the drain I cursed again, if I hadn’t been married I would be at top now and not worried. Why or why do they befall me now, I needed an average mark on these tests.

“I hope it’s not a problem Miss Vanvoreen” my teacher called, I blushed I didn’t realise I was with my last name still.

“Yes Miss” I replied and looked back down and started to stab my book in anger.

When the whole lesson ended, I sighed and got up. Nothing had gone into my head not even the talk about the cold war. Everything seemed a blur I was panicking, how will I fix this problem of completing this whole damn mock.

“Blair!” I heard someone shout and I turned around to see who it was.

I was walking out and I had noticed blonde hair flying everywhere and running full speed. I grimaced, it was Seth it had been so long since I saw him. I wonder how he was doing, is he still angry with me? I was just going to say hello, but I was engulfed into a hug before I could. He smelt like hibiscus, a smell that I loved so much and nearly cried.

“Blair!” He whispered, and looked as if it was in pain.

“Seth?” I said confused but I didn’t let go, neither did he I felt like my heart will burst.

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