Chapter 13 - Wedding Blues

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 13 – Wedding blues


So we landed safely. After all the commotion and hurt I had been placed. I couldn’t believe it was here the day I was to be wed here. I always wondered who my partner will be in future. Who would be my lucky guy and me the lucky girl? Now when I see my morbid future I notice it will be a sham and only pain will be present throughout. I felt my stomach tighten with fear. How do I relay my feelings in this matter? How do I express the worry and hate from the family.

“Are you ready yet Blair?” I heard a soft voice and a knock as the door creaked open. I saw Carina with the most lavishing kimono on black with simple floral patterns.

“I-I’m sorry I’m not sure how to wear this” I blushed as I stared at the piece of clothing I would be wearing.

“Oh dear, I had forgotten. Hold on I shall help you” she said diligently I saw her eyes soften as she came towards me.

It was weird at first, Carina touching me and all. But I relaxed as she helped me with the clothing. It was a beautiful white traditional kimono. Of course passed down from Hunter family, I felt obligated when Carina put it on me with ease. She was of course used to it. Once we were done, she laid the final piece of hood on top of my head. It wasn’t heavy but it was weird wearing it. bride always wore an all-white wedding kimono which symbolized a new beginning as it was believed the bride ‘died’ as a member of her family and was ‘reborn’ into her husband’s family.

It was something new and scary; I wasn’t ready to part with my old life. But it felt like I had to be ready for the outcomes now. I didn’t need to paint my face white; there was a herd of people outside for this wedding to start. I felt the jetlag still none of us had any sleep the kids only did and I felt envious. I needed to take a nap I was falling asleep standing up. But I looked in the mirror because the hood was slightly covered my face, the only thing I noticed was my red lips. I looked let’s just say terrifying, I felt like a ghost. But to Carina I looked like a Ningyo which was a doll!

“The ceremony will start in a few minutes do what you want for a bit I will be back to check on you” Carina said sternly and walked out.

I looked in the mirror, what to do she said? I had no clue; I was nervous and panicking on this. So I peered outside to see if anyone was there. And when no one was, I looked across to see if the kids were alright. It’s not the best way to end a single life now. I sighed when I saw them all playing about; the girls looked super cute in their red kimonos. With the intricate gold floral design I felt like a ghost compared to them. I also noticed how the boys were also donned in their kimonos. They looked amazing. I heard footsteps and I rushed back into the room, trying hard not to fall down on my face while at it.

“It’s time to go now” Carina said as I turned to see the two sisters and the grandmother staring at me. I saw a glimpse of admiration in Saya’s eyes, before it looked away.

“Don’t you look wonderful” Carina breathed “Come on we will be late if we don’t hurry the men are there already” she said and pushed me out.

And what surprised me the most was Carina holding on to my hand. I was clearly shocked but I didn’t let her see it. I didn’t want her to let go. Whatever effect this wedding had on her I didn’t want to stop. I felt her comfort through her hands. I felt her slightly tremble she had feared something. I saw her demeanour change in front of me. Now Carina looked weary and tired, lost and really sad. I knew she wasn’t happy with this wedding but did she want to embarrass me and my grandfather by stopping it in front of people.

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