Chapter 29 - Maya's conflict

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 29 – Maya’s conflict


It was nice that even after so much I had been through, a part of me felt better that day when Hunter had held me close to him. I had felt that he had truly opened up and I felt bad I did not. Although his story had made me chill to the bone, it made me realise his life was in shambles still. He needed closure but doing this yakuza work made it worse for his gruelling efforts.

I looked at him across the dinner table; I still had the edgy feeling of kissing him. Our relationship had gone better but a part of me knew it was one sided. I didn’t confront him and he didn’t either all I knew was, whatever we did had been locked up. I wasn’t going to show off and neither was he, but I felt depressed knowing that I would be feeling the aching hurt more than him. If only he knew how much I really cared for him.

It was the cultural festival an event that the school did to raise money for the charity. This year it was the year below me who was holding the event. We had done it last year and it was super fun, which was also the time where I had not learned about Hunter and his family, or even knew his whole family went to this school. It was also the time where my friends were still besides me, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit lonely right now. I was watching the first years do the work and I smiled wishing I was there to help them.

I watched Aiyana walking around in the court yard she was actually mingling with the other girls which made me smile. I really loved that she was getting stronger is it possible, to have an effect on her because of the incident a while back? I had finished with some things in class and went to look for her, I still however had issues with Maya. After the dance class I don’t think I saw her at home a lot. It was weird but it was annoying because I tried my best to be really nice.

They were going to start soon and I knew everyone was getting ready. I was trying to find the boys or even the twins, so I could ask if they knew where Maya was. But I had seemed to find no one, however I did manage to find Maya screaming her head off.

“What do you mean they haven’t come?” Maya shouted

“I’m sorry but it wasn’t my fault that they dropped” said the girl in front of her, I saw Maya twitch with annoyance.

I wasn’t sure if I should go help her or move away. I wasn’t happy with the idea of getting abused by her words right now.

“Hey what you doing?” I heard

“Aiyana it’s you, I’m just wondering if I should help her or not” I said looking at the girl who looked thoughtful.

“No don’t, it will only get worse” Aiyana replied

“Why do you say that? What happened?” I asked

“Maya ended up being rude to the girls who are supposed to be helping with the show, as in models” Aiyana shook her head in disgust “It was a good chance to show off that she wasn’t just all face and had a brain”

“Oh that sounds like a disaster and worse of all, hasn’t the festival just started” I said looking around with people coming from all over the place.

The whole area was buzzing and I was really excited. Aiyana saw my excitement and we both laughed. I thought I should let Maya cool down, so me and Aiyana had left going through the stalls.

“Oh wow it seems wonderful this year” I gasped when I saw people from different classes doing games.

It was like a mini fun fair but in school which was awesome, there was a Ferris wheel for adults and kids placed in the side, a swing ride and other stuff. Honestly this was beautiful It was midday, but it was so crowded right now and I felt happy to know it would go well.

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