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Chapter 24 - Just me and him

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 24 – Just me and him



“Are you sure I shouldn’t tell her” I said anxious looking at the man in front of me, who looked too sick to move.

“I am fine” he coughed, like hell he was I thought “I don’t want to worry her” he said sadly

“But this will only make it worse” I cried.

“No, this will be for the best” he replied sadly, and they took him away the second time, this wasn't supposed to happen but it was.

“No it’s not how can you say that you are getting worse!” I yelled back worried, what will Blair do?

“Seth” he called me “Just look after Blair, I know it’s a lot to take on but please just see that she is happy I don’t care” he mumbled

“I will, but you have to get better too” I said and he closed his eyes and smiled.

“I will” he said and fell asleep

His health was deteriorating; did Blair know anything about this? Did he even tell her anything, it seemed like no one did? She was fixing other people’s problems besides her own, and she never looked as bad as she does now. How will I break this to her, I can’t even tell her.

“Stay strong Michael” I said and left the man

It will be a hectic week or so before I get a chance to tell her. I just hope it won’t be too late.


“Oh god I need a break” I cried it was the last of the exams and I wanted to cry, nothing I wrote made sense even to me. I hoped I passed I really did.

“It’s ok Blair this was the last one, we can go shopping now” Aiyana replied and I couldn’t help but smile she was right.

I can rest now, I can do whatever I wanted to and no one could bother me. And I was free until the results came but, the nagging feeling of not doing so well etched in my brain. Because I knew I wasn’t going to pass so well.

So off we went, I had finally managed to breathe as we set foot outside of the school. I was happy to know I could be with someone and still enjoy my time. We had gone into various shops and tried clothes on, I wasn’t a fashion person but these clothes looked really good. I had enough money of my own, courteous to my odd jobs I did. And managed to buy some decent undergarments and clothes also school necessities. Aiyana too had done the same as me, once we finished we ended up in the food court.

“This feels so good!” I cried and stretched my arms legs out as we waited for our food.

“You can say that again after all the mess” Aiyana laughed I did too

“I know, It’s a shame isn’t it but it got me to you so that is good enough” I replied

“I agree, maybe the best thing really” Aiyana whispered I grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

“No bad thoughts please lets enjoy ourselves” I replied with a smile and she nodded her head in agreement. Our buzzer beeped our food was ready.

We were talking and laughing all through I wasn’t sure how long I had laughed. The food was lovely and gulped it down with some fruit drinks. We later got some frozen yoghurt and settled to leave after it had turned six. I was worried she will be late home considering she had to look after her siblings, so I sent Aiyana home hoping she got there safe. I dropped her off to the train station and then walked home from there. It was a long walk and the bus was taking a while, it was slowly getting dark. I wondered if I would be ok. The fear was still in my heart after so long, and I cursed as I forgot to go to my grandfather again. I was tempted to turn around and go back to him but it was too late.

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