chapter 19 - Revelations

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In love with a Yakuza

Chapter 19 – Revelations


I managed to wake up without feeling too drowsy, I was a bit freaked out. It looked like we were trapped in a cell or something. All bricks and nothing else, what was going on? I felt bad we even interfered, me and my stupidity why did I have to do that. I looked around to see Hunter on my left and Seth on my right. I was happy they were both ok, I was just freaked out now.

“You’re awake thank god!” Seth cried looking at me but he couldn’t move, he was tied up so was I and Hunter.

“I thought you were gone the way you fainted” Hunter replied annoyed

“Look I’m sorry I didn’t know you – you were up to something” I said quietly

“Clearly not” Hunter clicked his tongue “It’s alright I informed the boys they should be here soon” said Hunter closing his eyes.

“The boys?” Seth looked at me confused.

It seems like we are trapped in this whole building all three of us. It was awkward and I was worried something will go on, no I could feel it now. I can see Seth itching to talk about me and Hunter, I prayed he wouldn’t. But he would I know him, I also know the gangs will come in and then talk to us as well, and sooner or later Seth would find out.

The reason why I chased after Hunter was to talk to him about this. I wanted to reveal to Seth about this about us. But this couldn’t have been the worst time ever, we were stuck in something that I had gotten us into again. It was my fault, I was clearly jinxed or something.

“Don’t worry” I replied

“He has a right to worry, you did something stupid again” Hunter replied I got annoyed.

“I know I apologize for being stupid! You're no peach either Hunter!” I retorted angriliy

“No need to get so angry, I should be angry you even busted me in the first place we were so close” he growled back

“You could have told me!” I replied

“There was nothing to tell you!” He yelled back, he didn’t get it there was so much he could have told me but he didn’t wish to.

I was quiet; there was no use in arguing with him. I had no right and this wasn’t even a good time considering Seth was nearby but it was too late, he jumped in for me and yelled back. What an idiot this wasn’t the time.

“Stop being rude to her” he yelled, Hunter smirked what a bastard.

“What’s it to you if I am” he replied back

“Hunter stop, Seth please!” I cried they weren’t listening yet again I was stuck in the middle, but the worry in my heart grew stronger, only because it felt like something will be revealed.

“You don’t get it do you, she’s worried about you that’s why she came over!” Shouted Seth I didn’t want him to embarrass me and him.

“Seth please!” I yelled he didn’t look at me, he glared at the boy.

“I don’t think she cares that much about me, but that’s not the point” Hunter mocked, I blushed I didn’t know what was more embarrassing.

“You bastard, she at least gives a damn even if she doesn’t like you!” Seth growled Hunter stared at him so mockingly I felt the need to slap him.

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