Jotaro Kujo : Part 1, Professor Kujo's Aquarium Trip

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Feel shit today tbh, have one chapter of this at least :)

The trip to the aquarium was supposed to be fun. After all, students loved anything that wasn't their professor's essays on tedious marine garbology, presentations given at silent film level or in-depth seminars about the mating tendencies of crabs. The trip to the aquarium was supposed to be fun; but unfortunately, their tutor was your boyfriend, Jotaro Kujo, the overlord of hard work and little to no play. It became apparent he must have mentioned you previously when students began to file into the university's lecture theatre, gasps and murmurs unravelling along the small groups of young people in the hall. You kept your head down, reading a pamphlet that Kujo had yet to give out. It's details on ancient sea creatures and underwater cities was poorly worded, at least half of the content being false, anyway. Jotaro normally had an eye for this stuff, it surprised you he was allowing such misinformation to go out.

"Good morning, Professor Kujo!" Three girls, probably no older than twenty, laced their greeting with lovesick giggles and fluttering eyelashes. He replied bluntly, wishing them good morning in a standard fashion, passing each student some material for their visit. As a man used to unwanted female attention, it was undeniably straightforward to ignore it. He caught wind of some rumours starting amongst the other students, Chinese whispers starting to go wrong in the room.
"Oh my God... That must be Professor Kujo's girlfriend!"
"She's so lucky! Of course he would fall for someone beautiful like her."
"I wonder how long they've been together, do you think she's Jolyne's mom?"
"No, he said he was divorced from her mom, remember? She must be a recent squeeze!"
Whilst the conversation was just frivolous back-fence talk, the marine biologist didn't want things being said about his relationship all hush-hush. To be honest, he didn't want them saying anything about you at all. Glancing over his shoulder with an audible huff, he noticed you were using up his resources, enchanting stare practically cutting through the paper as if to remove the untrue information within it. The professor strode over confidently, snatching the booklet out of your hand and placing it back on the pile, your spellbinding gaze evanescent.
"I was reading that." A faint retort was shot back at you, his arms folding beneath narrowed eyes.
"'Didn't know you could read," his tone was flat, a touch of amusement showing through gritted teeth. "Don't. It's making you do the eye thing. I know the information's wrong." Sighing, you glared up at him, the sheer energy from your look piercing his relucent orbs. On anybody else, this gaze would have enticed them into your murderous grip, leaving you free to do whatever you pleased with them. It had been useful for having things done how you wanted them in the past but, the power didn't work like when he was an angsty teen, even when he met your gaze with hard eyes. "Stop. I don't want you ensorcelling my students. I don't even think any of these kids have Stands. They're utterly defenseless against you."

Caring wasn't a word other people would commonly use to describe your boyfriend, but he was, deeply, even though he didn't always show it. Jotaro was especially accommodating to humans, understanding that Stand Users could probably be considered Superheroes, like in films. Most Stands couldn't be seen by mere human eye, but yours, Limited Edition Heart, could remain in the open and it concerned him greatly. Similar to his Star Platinum, your Stand had grown with you, becoming increasingly stronger as it aged. Limited Edition Heart was actually just a second skin of scales, but other abilities came along with it.
'The eye thing' was Jotaro's slang way of referring to your bewitching gaze, the connection which would allow you to keep people close enough to kill them or persuade them to carry out whatever scheme you had. It worked on other Stands, but most effectively on helpless, Standless humans.
It was funny really, how Stands had unknowingly influenced culture over the years. Tales, nursery rhymes, legends, myths... So many of them were inspired or started by these rare Stands. Since Limited Edition Heart was on your person, it could be seen by everyone when you allowed it. That wasn't his fear though, he didn't care your Stand was visible, the man's real concern lay in the fact it made you look like a sea monster. More explicitly, a Siren - A legend of the sea who was just begging to be poached. He trusted you could hold yourself without him, considering the amount of people you had killed was rivalling his own kill count, however, whilst he wouldn't admit it outright he would be heartbroken if he lost you. Not only were you reconnected as his true soulmate, but you held access to a better scientific future for the sea, and the world. His world.
More students visited the front, accepting a pamphlet and worksheet from their teacher, gaping at you on the way, feeling your inviting aura. Jotaro shifted papers on the table, creating a small racket so his understudies would scarper out of earshot. Most of them were frightened of him, so what perplexed them most is how someone as delicate as you didn't seem to be.

"Y/N, why don't you go and photocopy these," he exclaimed loudly, so the group began to settle down. Shoving the stack into your chest, you took them, a delicious simper to your lips. Embarrassment was evident in his sliding gaze. Leaning so his cheek was hovering just beside yours, the girls began chattering and squealing again. "They're humans," he whispered, trying to stay as lowkey as possible. It was important he remained professional. "They'll find you... Um..."
"Find me what?" He kind of hated it when you inflamed him like this, acting all coy and mysterious. The eye thing could be difficult to resist when he was tired and though he understood it was just the nature of your Stand, Limited Edition Heart, it still worried him to no end. Your charming magnetism could attract the wrong kind of attention and whilst he believed you able enough to fight for your own life, the uncertainty was still there. "...Beguiling." Those three syllables jittered off the tip of his tongue with an awkwardly eased sigh. Jotaro Kujo couldn't just say he thought you were beautiful like a normal boyfriend. Though, not everyone's girlfriend was a mermaid you supposed. He slapped a set of keys into your hand, pointing to a small, Yale design. "This one. Don't draw attention to yourself." Departing, he addressed the class, asking them to settle down so he could begin to introduce the trip.

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