Comes To The Light

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Hi everyone this is the final chapter to Book One this was a challenging chapter and I decided to write it randomly so it, of course,is subject to change so I haven't started book 2 yet but I think I'm going to write a few more chapters for Falling For Temptation because I have a Cute little idea for that book but Book 2  is going to be hard ik Im going to struggle with it ik for a fact that I am .. I do want to of course Edit this book too because ik I have errors here and there but I will address that as well...but here it is the final chapter please Enjoy Read, Vote, Comment...Thank you guys for all the support ...Sidenote I wonder how many pages I actually wrote..Hmmh....Also Alot over P.O.V Switches I covered alot in one chapter

(Charley's P.O.V)

Paranoia is real as I stayed in the office watching every video of the past few months the only moment of peace was the fact that the videos stopped around the time I and Aiden started sleeping together I guess he didn't need to spy on me after staking his claim on me

I left the creepy room trying to process my next steps can I just run can I just pick up and leave

I started to panic and question everything and everyone he infiltrated my life perfectly. He controlled my income, my job, my living situation Hell even my sex life and I gave him this authority. He was Aiden Price and he was powerful and he knows it.

I felt that I could n't rely on Mia because she is intimate with Richard and who knows how much she really knows. So I can't even fully trust my best friend but as soon as that thought entered my head. I shook it out Mia would always be there for me and Mason no matter what. So I did the hardest thing I swallowed this lump of paranoia and called Mia

(Aiden's P.O.V)

Anticipation... I couldn't wait to land back home to New York. The inspection overseas went well and what did I expect, everything I did, I did well. Charley kept me updated with things at the apartment but it still didn't replace the feeling No the need to be there.

Hell everyone was anxious Richard was mad because the midget was ignoring all his calls. I was happy I didn't have to deal with any of that drama anymore Charley and Mason were mine.

And I couldn't wait to see them.

"Sir" I was pulled out of my daydream by one of the flight attendants on my private jet, of course, she was trying her best to offer me more than the Champagne that was on the tray

I took it and gave her a dismissive glare

Richard annoying ass had to comment

" It still surprises me to see you turn down anything with a skirt" he chuckled

I took a swig of the drink

"Fuck you, I wish you stop worrying about what's going on over here and control your midget" I added with a grin

"Too far Aiden Too far", he faked cried and ran away to one of the private rooms in the back probably to call Mia again

4 hours until landing was announced over the intercom

I texted Charley that's I'll be home in a few hours and I spent the rest of the trip listening to Marcus yap about Stephanie's pregnancy and the upcoming ultrasound

You'd be surprised that not too long ago we were all men that would never be tied down what a funny turn of events

For the next few hours, I did busy work and ignored everyone attempts at small talk. We finally landed we all parted ways except for Samuel.He insisted on driving me home he missed Charley and Mason just as much as I did.

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