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Deeper Chapter -35

(X Rated Parts Forewarning)

(Aidens P.O.V)

I sat down with a new found air

I talked the same conversation with the familiar rich faces but now Charley was focused on me

When I moved she watched when I talked her head snapped up to look

She was anticipating the night just as I was

And I love seeing lust darken those big brown orbs

The Gala ended and it was uneventful as always

Or maybe I was lost with the brown-eyed Beauty

I got up from my seat said my goodbyes and went to pull out Charley's chair

She nervously got up but didn't try to object from me when I placed my hand on her waist

"Charley," I leaned down so she can hear me

"I'm surprised you are not trying to fight me on this"

She just looked up at me"I find that this could be a very interesting arrangement'" she sounded like she just calculated this whole night

But her use of the word arrangement made me feel agitated

"What do you mean Charley?"

"Well, the way I see it if we become .."

She looked around "Lovers" she whispered

"Then this weird sexual tension will leave"

Her face darkened slightly

"Charley,I'm not trying to make an arrangement" I couldn't stop the words as they rushed out

Charley stopped I used that time and opened her door

She hastily fastens her seat belt

"Wha...What mean by that? "She fumbled with her words

At that moment I really wanted to jump out of the moving vehicle because I knew the next things I was going to say was gonna be even truer

"I don't want an arrangement ...All I know is I want you so badly... That it's frustrating just being this close to you without touching... But not just a physical want it something else....and I know I want to be involved in Mason's life as well as yours"

It was dead silent in the car besides the reeve of the engine, which I was nearly pushing it to its Max due to nerves

It was quiet until

Charley started to Laugh full blown hold her stomach laugh

"I'm sorry Aiden!.... But you almost had me for a moment there I thought you generally cared about me!" She laughed harder even wiping away stray tears

She touched my thigh

"Aiden you don't have to force yourself. I know you have some warped sense of responsibility to Mason, To me and possibly an unnamed child but its fine... I'm fine Aiden you don't have anything to worry about I assure you"

Nothing to worry about... warped sense of responsibility, What the hell is she talking about?

"Charley, you should know me well enough to know I wouldn't sacrifice anything if I didn't want to ....there have been many attempts by others to claim a child as my seed ....I've never once tried to wife those woman out of guilty, " I said through clenched teeth

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