Mason Release

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Chapter 20-Mason Release

(Charley P.O.V)

When I woke up after Mason's secret was exposed to say I was both alarmed and surprised to see this giant seating next to my son especially after seeing a big sticker on Mason's head that read "Return to Sender"

I quickly took that off been then I noticed that the red spots were gone. Not only that but Mason was up and he looked a lot better then he has in a long time and no trace of a fever

The doctor even said I could take Mason to the children's playroom which I eagerly did as I let Aiden sleep. Mason was playing with the other children and talking up a storm I felt nothing but pure joy from watching him he did this all on his own he and God they fought through his sickness. The doctor himself was amazed he was fearful that because of the swelling that Mason would lose motor function or something much worse but nope Masons is as normal as always.

"Den Den" Mason yelled and almost ran to Aiden who looked like a monster compared to himself. I was speechless Mason isn't that friendly especially towards men and I almost fainted when I saw the boyish smile that crossed Aiden's face he picked Mason up and walked to me

"Charley whats the boy's name" he voiced sounded huskier than usual

"Mason or MJ"

He frowned when he heard MJ knowing that meant Mason Jr

"Mase" He smiled liking the nickname he came up with

Mason nodded in approval of the name and grabbed Aiden's hand or more like finger he brought him to these shape puzzle he patted the seat next to him inviting Aiden the sight was too precious I took a few pics and sent it to Mia and Richard this was too good to keep to myself because this huge man was next to this smiling child not only listen to Masons incoherent babble but he actually responded when Mason ran over to me with his completely puzzle and I gave Mason the response he wanted I gasped and pretend to be amazed even though he finished this puzzle ten times already a few minutes later Mason informed me he was hungry so we went to the hospital cafeteria

As we were eating I was brought to the revitalization just how famous Aiden was so we couldn't eat without someone flirting or pestering him it was annoying to watch and Mason didn't care for the strangers taking his friend away.

"Charley is Mase's father in his life?"Aiden eyes were trained on me

"No, He passed away," I considered that's true enough Mason Sr is deceased.

The look that flashed on Aiden's face was satisfaction almost as if to say he was happy there was no man in Mason's life.

"So. Aiden why was a sticker on my sons head" I said while wiping Masons messy face

He laughed"Ohh that ...don't worry about it, I like him now so it doesn't matter"He added a shoulder shrug for reassurance.

I suppose its okay because Aiden is being extremely nice to Mason so No Harm, No Foul

When We finally returned to Mason's room the doctor was informing us of Mason's condition, He said Mason will be released on Monday that just want to make sure he's perfectly fine. That was a relief Mason probably misses his room and his toys.

I thought Aiden staying with me in the hospital was a faze but nope He not only harassed the doctor about Mason but once he found out that Mason caught the Measles from his daycare. He insisted on Adding a daycare at ADflex and that it should be fully operational before Monday I was happy that he bonded with Mason but he is a little obsessive and no one was more surprised to see Aiden bond with a child then Richard. He said that Aiden hates children He once fired a woman On Bring Your Child to workday because the child entered his office. Thankfully He wasn't like that now.

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