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feral by Lizard1699
feralby Sara1699
They had no clue that the beast that only came out of the woods a few times in its life, had chosen today. The beast lurked close to the treeline watching the beautiful...
Queen of the Dragons by b00klover09
Queen of the Dragonsby Mel
"Estelle, I will kill any man who stands in my way of having you. I will kill one to one thousand men!" I snarled, fury consuming me as her frightened eyes wid...
His Rules by bookwhoreash
His Rulesby Ashanty
26 year old Cassandra is a girl who lives by her own rules. Exept for when it comes to her father's business. Her father is a mafia God. And he would do anything for his...
As long as you wish by Samuelasery
As long as you wishby Chaengchaeng
This story is about Mina the single mother of Xaoing who tries every possible way to give whatever her child needs. Xaoing has never spoken a word ever since his childho...
MINE by worrilessme29
MINEby worrilessme29
Erotic love story between a couple
Married to the Northerner by amateur_anonymous
Married to the Northernerby amateur_anonymous
Avani, a princess from the lands of the south; beloved and cherished by her people, hated and abused by her family. Despite having the finest dresses, sharpest knowledge...
Alpha's Little Angel by Bts_stan98
Alpha's Little Angelby Bts_stan98
Jungkook is soon to be alpha. He is waiting for his mate to shower him with love and affection and claim him as his. He waited for his mate for many years. Will he found...
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest (18+) by whosprettynow
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The 🖤
A young girl is obsessed and infatuated with her fathers successful and attractive best friend. [short story] Basically a tale of long awaited confessions and terminated...
 I can't resist my ex- Best Friends Dad   by chalupaheroin
I can't resist my ex- Best chalupaheroin
"You have a wife." I exclaimed. He ignored me and just sucked harder on my sweet spot. "You have two kids" I moaned as he gripped my ass. He pull...
A+ by kinky_enby
A+by Asher
Her name was Kayla Mason , beautiful, incredibly intelligent, and the most determined young college student anyone would ever meet. At the age of 20 she had her whole li...
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SPEC OPS: RIOT by cruewin
Book two of the SPEC OPS Series. RIOT. Warning ⚠️ Smut Soft core Hardcore cunnilingus Finger fuck Cumplay Kinks BDSM Oral Domxsub relationship Dirty talk Face fuck Th...
🌺 A Hybrid's Hierarchy🌺 (Steven x fem reader) by Xalia2001
🌺 A Hybrid's Hierarchy🌺 ( Xalia Quetora
(y/n) grew up in era 3, where humans are the most inferior race. They're treated terribly, living in camps until they are 16 and are then assigned a job to have for the...
Bittersweet Revenge🔞 by ReadersCrush
Bittersweet Revenge🔞by ReadersCrush
Published On - 18th January, 2021 Reached 300k views - 7th January, 2022 **** "Marry me." He said in one go. "What!" She was shocked, how could he sa...
Steamy stories by Dvoneliam
Steamy storiesby nyannyansensei
Awesome mature content from awesome author
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Daughters x Male Reader by RainsFaller212
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu RainsFaller212
{Addicted to Misery} Dimitrescu Daughters x Male Reader (Polyamorous Relationship) WARNING: Vampirism, Violence, Abuse, Torture Disclaimer: -Any of the characters used...
Love Me Back|| pjm ff COMPLETED ✅ by KimTaeYoongie
Love Me Back|| pjm ff COMPLETED ✅by KimTaeYoongie
"I think I'm in love with your sister." - Park Jimin
Minor Difference by Lmnacid16
Minor Differenceby Lemonacid16
So, uh....Who kissed you first?," I break the silence that filled the car. She turns her head to look at me. A small smile forming as she shakes her head. "Of...
𝙋𝙐𝙍𝙀 ❍ 𝙏𝘼𝙏𝙀 𝙇𝘼𝙉𝙂𝘿𝙊𝙉 by puremagixs