A Side of Him I Never Saw

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A Side of Him I Never Saw-Chapter -27

(Charley P.O.V)

I returned to work two days after reading the report on Mason.

Mia promises to gather more information on Mason Sr. Even though there's a new daycare at the office I still don't want Mason to leave the house just yet so I asked Kaylee to stay with Mason until I returned.

Dressed in a nude dress with matching heels and a jacket I walked to my car with my head up happily surprised that there wasn't any paparazzi in sight.

I drove to the office and was welcomed by blank stares. Gone was the friendly faces I was accustomed to over the past 3 months, Now in the middle of the lobby I'm already uncomfortable even Pam was timider towards me then usually. As I stepped into the elevator I passed a group of ladies murmuring

"Do you see what she's wearing? no wonder she has a child... but I can't believe it is with the president"The main shrew looked me up and down snarled out

They could at least have the decency to talk behind my back, not near my back, basic etiquette. I fixed my stance in the elevator and raised my head higher pretending not to hear their petty comments. I sighed it's okay it'll die down soon enough. I reached the top floor and knocked on Marcus's door he answered solemnly

Relief hit me when I saw the stacks of paper's on his desk and I knew today was gonna be as normal as possible

"Charley, glad to see you. You have a lot of work to catch up on."

He checked his watch "I'm sorry, I can't stay but I have an important meeting" he gathered his things and left

Well so much for taking comfort in Marcus's presence I sighed grabbed the stacks of paper

And brought them to my desk

I looked at my surroundings though completely separated from regular workers. I was happy with the distance but honestly, I felt so much like an outcast. I checked my phone even Masons pictures couldn't help it was the nagging feeling that everyone, even people you don't know having a set opinion on you and your child. I smiled it's okay all I have to do is change their assumption I leaned back enjoying the idea I came up with when a familiar face appeared only inches away from me. His steely gray eyes were extra bright today and he wore such a carefree smile I was curious to know why he was in such a pleasant mood. He is usually brooding and overbearing

Seeing that he was friendlier than usual I took that as an invite to be slightly playful I nudged his face out the way

"Personal space, Mr. Price"I playfully reprimanded

He smirked "So rude, I actually came up here to see if your free",

I looked at him dumbfounded he does know I'm at work now.

"Ohh no I'm completely free nothing to do at all," I said sarcastically even using hand gestures

He grabbed my hand"Good. I have somewhere I want to take you"

To say he was in a good mood was a understatement his small smile never left his face so when I saw the car he was driving today I almost fainted he was driving an all black Ferrari LaFerrari (I don't know much about cars so bare with me ) My mouth was just hanging open literally star struck by this car I looked at him questioning "Is this why you're so happy"I know it would make me ecstatic

He did his legendary smirk and shook his head "Nope, my garage is full of cars like that" he gestured to the car was so off-handed I thought he was pointing at a lesser car

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