Masons 2nd Birthday

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Chapter 16-Mason's Second Birthday

Charley's P.O.V

(3 Months Later)

I really wish I could say that Quinn was a complete waste of space but her lessons helped a lot and I'm glad for that, but her as a person is still vile as when I first meet her. I'm happy to say after training under both Eric and Stephanie I gained both skills and lifelong friends I've been training under Marcus and his a hard-ass. He completely duped me I thought he would be laid back but nope I've been with him for one week and already I'm going to conduct my first meeting with the president which of course Aiden. It's my first time seeing him after 3 months. I heard briefly that he was dealing with something with his company overseas, They didn't tell me much but it had to be major enough for him to leave so suddenly. He supposed to return next week.

So next week I will show the Company what I'm made of. I will be presenting our whole progress these past couples of months and this is the halfway mark to becoming his P.A its completely sink or swim my whole career rides on this

Its midnight and Im just now returning home Kaylee has pretty much become a live-in nanny. It's the worse feeling since Mason can now use 3 letter words and I feel like Im missing important elements in his life but im making up for it on Friday. Friday is not only Masons Birthday but its also celebrating our little family I begged for Friday off I order a cake I planned a special dinner for everyone and it is just a day full of love and family something I only ever had with my brother until he. I sneak into Mason's room and kissed his head as I do every night

And pulled out my laptop on the counter fixed me a cup of coffee and got to work I was nearly done with my powerpoint but I can't afford to mess up on this, not at all.7:00 am I was at Mr.Wade's desk coffee in hand. We were already in the workflow it lasted every day until at least 7 and I was used to it by now. So when Thursday came around I was so anxious to go home and see my birthday baby boy Mia and Kaylee are at my house already.

"Wilkes I need to leave earlier today and since you're not coming in tomorrow I need you to stay over and send the memos out and organize your documents. So the temp can have everything I'm going to need tomorrow"

"Nope, problem Sir'' I smiled "Date night with Stephanie?"'

He laughed "Of course who else would I leave early for? Have a nice weekend Charley See you on Monday don't let us down okay"He flashed that dazzling smile and I returned back Marcus may be a strict boss but he was friendly and approachable the complete opposite of Aiden

"Of course I won't, Tell Stephanie Hi for me" He was halfway out the door and he shouted back

"Will do!"

I chuckled Marcus clearly loves Stephanie when I found out that they were engaged I instantly felt bad for ogling him the way that I did when we had first met. But he is a handsome man and they are a beautiful couple. I smiled just thinking about how loving they are. It was nearing 11 and I was done with all I had to do was place a file on Marcus's desk lock up then go home

I organized Marcus always cluttered desk when a figure entered the room I was on full alert until I saw who it was

Standing nearly 10 feet away stood Aiden. He looked good, as always but I guess I just haven't seen him in forever he didn't notice me he was too engrossed in whatever was on the paper

"Marcus, I need your reports on Charley"

I didn't know what to say so I remained quiet my name isn't Marcus. He looked up and instantly stiffened his eyes glazed over me. And a wave of Heat washed over me, making it hard to swallow

"Ms.Wilkes how have you been?"He question sounded forced

"Good. Hectic" I responded stiffly this interaction felt odd.

He nodded "I know, so far the reports I've received were outstanding" He sounded proud I even saw a gleam of something behind his grey eyes

''Well, if that's all I have to leave I will see you on Monday, Mr. Price"

He stepped aside and let me pass. I was expecting he would grab me, pull me into his embrace but nope He left so much space that I felt like being the one to break the space.

Driving home I was left to reflect on our encounter I think I did well. Everyone was asleep when I returned I went straight to Masons major present it was a portrait I painted of Mason around the first time I brought him home it's a medium-sized painting. I rarely show my artistic side but Mason is my expectation in life. I wrapped it up with his other gifts and I went straight to bed.

I woke up to a wet sloppy kiss from my baby "Happy Birthday Baby!"

"Mama," he said while outstretching his hand

"Mama got a surprise for you" I cooed

"Me?" he inquired adorably cocking his head to the side in thought

"Yup, be prepared to be amazed"I kissed both his cheeks

"amade" he struggled to pronounce the word

I carried my baby to the living room where Mia and Kaylee eagerly held out their gifts. He walked over to a smiling Kaylee she got him some toys. Mia got him cute outfits and I grabbed my wrapped painting and heard my 2-year-old baby gasped and spoke

"A baby," he asked

"It's you baby" he smiled so hugely and looked up at me. His hazel eyes clashing with my brown ones

"Me" He traced his face with his finger

"Wow" He whispered Kaylee was surprised

"Charley, I never knew you had so much talent"

Mia added"Yup, she was a child prodigy at age 7 she painted her first mural at our Neighbor YMCA she was commissioned for several projects but not anymore," she said bitterly "It all ended before she was even 13"

I saw the bubble of questions forming in Kaylee's Mind and I wasn't in the mood to discuss me or my past

Mia was right I was gifted but I've resigned that gift and it is more like a bittersweet memory now I thought as I hung up Mason's picture in his bedroom.

After the presents the weekend was a blur we spent the whole weekend taking Mason to the park and just filling out his baby book since he fulfilled so many milestones spending this quality time was a much-needed break then the dreaded Monday approached.

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