A Gentleman Never Kiss And Tell

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A Gentleman Never Kiss And Tell-Chapter 30

(Aiden P.O.V)

As I wrapped my arms around her, I feel her unhappiness seethe through her. It was hard for me too. I had to stop before I could even fully explore all her delicate parts.

I sighed in frustration another one of those nights, I waited until she was snoring. Before I picked her up, I grabbed one of my shirts and placed it on her exposed lush breasts

I literally groaned in pain from withdrawing. Almost 5 months without any female contact, I'm about to die

I carried her still frame, into my room I placed her on the bed. I freed her hair from that ponytail. I like her hair loose and wild.

I closed the door on them and went back to my gym to fight the urge to go wake her up and fuck her like crazy for a whole week straight

I Started simple push-ups than pull-ups after that my body felt loose enough for a 2-hour treadmill run. I placed my headphones on to drown out my surroundings.

As I drifted into this cycle I couldn't help but think of her. She's already on my mind 24/7. I grinned and sped up on the treadmill she responded even better than I anticipated. When my hand brushed over her's she quivered, when I kissed her she moaned. God, that woman is a sorceress. And I'm going to kill Samuel the mere thought of him made me increase the speed and incline of the treadmill. He brought her the most seductive lingerie and in black, of course, he wanted me to keep her locked in my bedroom for weeks on weeks until I had my fill.No wonder he kept offering to watch Mason for us.

I scuff that sly dog, but maybe I should gift him with something, of course, He wouldn't take anything but maybe I can send his daughter something maybe a car? I'd give his daughter the world if he can convince Charley to wear what she wore last night.

I sighed this isn't helping I keep doing what I did before. I turned off the treadmill and headed to the connecting bathroom

The hot shower worked miracles it loosened my knots and once again my mind drifted to her. I wanted her in this shower, I wanted her in every possible place, but I can't She has to come to me. I won't have it any other way

I didn't realize how long I've been in the shower I just know the once hot water is now warm

I got out of the shower I grabbed a towel and headed to my occupied bedroom they both were still asleep and I checked the time on the nightstand 5:45 am

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