Mr. Price's Fine Life

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(Richard above)


Chapter 2 - Mr. Price's Fine Life


"Come back to bed," she purred.

"Can't. I have to work today," I told her curtly, with finality.

I fixed the collar of my all black Armani suit. I stared at the mirror drowning out that woman's annoying babble and noticed I'd grown more facial hair. Should I shave? I mentally asked myself curiously. No, it added to my overbearing sex appeal.

"Just one more hour." I snorted at that suggestion. That's the only thing I heard her say.

Women! Just because she's pretty, she thinks I'll waste another moment with her? Last night was enough. I walked back into the suite and like the gentleman I am, I ever so kindly said, "Can't. Goodbye."

Slamming the door behind me, I noticed my ride was on time. I wouldn't expect anything less from my staff, especially since I'm Aiden Price. God's gift to the world. I smirked. God, I love my life.

Samuel, my driver, took me straight to the office. Checking the time on my watch, I saw it was 8:00 am. My secretary should be there by now. I walked to the elevator, ignored all the stares from the workers who were beneath me.
The doors opened, and my office looked deserted. There was no sign of her anywhere. I went to my chair and waited, impatiently, for her arrival. It was moments like this that I'm happy to be able to control the situation. I will sit here and wait to dish out what she deserves when she comes in.

8:39 is when she came running in with my coffee in hand.

"Sorry I'm late," she hurriedly let out, trying to catch her breath as she placed my coffee in front of me.

Her hair was loose, falling to the middle of her back in dark curls. Her big, round, brown eyes were dull with exhaustion. Her dimpled cheeks distracted me, and her slight pouty, full lips sent a stir in my pants. Her blouse that was slightly unbuttoned drew attention to her bouncy, full breasts. I never noticed her hourglass figure before. I almost forgot she was late, because I was too busy thinking about how I would fuck her. Damn! Her legs, they looked so soft and toned below that skirt.

"Uh... that's fine. Don't let it happen again. You may go now." Damn! I was supposed to come down harder on her. Whatever, It doesn't matter; I have things to do. "Ms. Wilkes, call in Mr. Powell," I said in a much harsher tone. Well, she deserved it.

Moments later in came Mr. Powell. He was a sniveling middle-aged man. Barely 5"7 and to my 6"5 frame he was a dwarf. It was a small amount of joy I got to look down at a man. I frowned. He looked like a mess.

"Phil, how's the new apartment building going?" He grabbed his tie, tightening it and wiped a bead of sweat off his overly pale face.

"Uh... the contractor said the deadline was too short. He would need another month."

I scoffed.

"So, you're telling me that my building won't be finished anytime soon? I've waited 3 years already. Did you try everything?" I inquired, unhappy with his incompetence.

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