Pain Of Being A Man

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Hello my lovely wonderful people finally an update keep in mind this was kinda rushed I did change Mason age to 2.....This is my longest Chapter so yaye!!!!!.... This is also something I might change after I write the next so this is kinda a preview because I might rewrite... Also, this is my first ever sex scene so pointers would be great I was really blushing writing this chapter Im swear I'm a prude sometimes like...I hope you guys like the chapter so Read, Vote, and Comment

Great news!!!! Mi_Moon graced my inbox with the most amazing offer she pretty much agreed to help with the X rated parts and she is editing this chapter scene so I will be uploading her wonderfully explicit scene when completed lol

So yaye!!!Mi_Moon Thanks a bunch

******Sexual Content**********

Pain of being a Man -Chapter 32

(Aidens P.O.V)

A whole week every fucking day Charley came in dressed in the most appealing clothes each more attention grabbing then the last it was pure hell. She treated me like a boss our conversation didn't last more than a casual conversation and to make it worse Charley and Mason were out of there house every day this week so I was only able to see Mason at the daycare which was beyond annoying the children and the workers were annoying the children wanted to join in any activity me and Mase were doing and the worker's thought that was the cutest thing in the world.

So I would only have a few moments with Mase

I walked back to my office and heard the most confusing thing in the world

"Of course, I would love to be your plus one for tonight" she giggled "Brandon, Ohh my!'" she giggled even harder

I cleared my throat

She looked up at me with no interest at all "I'll call you back" She spoke to Brandon

"Charley, Don't forget tomorrow is the Gala, so be ready early; Tomorrow we have things to prep"

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