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Boom -Chapter 37

(Charley's P.O.V)

The noise hit me before I could even process the situation the loud boom froze me. The noise of the barrage of metal hitting the glass was nearly deafening my first reaction was to protect Mason

My seat belt was undone before I realized it

I've never felt such a strong urge in my life. adrenaline was pumping and my whole frame engulfed Mason it wasn't a single thought in my head but to protect my baby who was wailing uncontrollably.

But after a few short moments I realized that I wasn't injured I figured at least one bullet would have pierced through the glass

Finally realizing that neither I or Mason was hit I worked up As much courage as possible I unclenched one of my eyes at that moment. I saw a fully armed Samuel I'm not a gun expert I would never claim to be, but that sleek silver pistol was so skillfully placed in his hands. I could assume this wasn't his first shootout

I watched as he easily aimed his gun and hit The man that was on the motorcycle the shot was so perfect that the bullet hit the middle of the man's helmet penetrating the flimsy guard it was a direct head shot which sent the motorcycle veering off to the left if the headshot didn't kill him the crash would I just hope the bike wouldn't hit anyone.

Samuel still focusing on the road ahead he didn't miss a beat.

He looked in the rear view mirror making no real eye contact with me

But I was able to see him perfectly

He no longer looked like the same calm gentle feeble older man I thought He was no I was gazing on him as stranger his ever-present smile now morphed into a hard stone-like appearance

Before I could speak

The sickening sound of bullets flying caused me to close my eyes even more and cover a still crying Mason loud wails was overshadowed by the 4 single shots that came from Samuels gun

That's all it took all the shooting was silenced

After a few moments of silence, I felt the car pullover

Before I could open my eyes

I heard Samuel "Charley I do apologize that you saw such a side of me .... rest assured that the problem has been resolved," he said fringing calmness but the icy tone that was hiding sent shivers down my spine he was angry.

Samuel started that vehicle back up and played some kid music on the radio and continued to drive the window was filled with bullets

All aimed in the backseat

2 stray bullets stayed stuck in the apparent bulletproof glass

I absentmindedly rubbed my finger on the cold metal the thought of it hitting me or Mason made my blood run cold

I released my stronghold on Mason I couldn't help but glance at the massacre thankfully my view was blocked by two massive black vehicles which I assumed was Aiden's men

I examined Mason he was fine he had small scratches on his arm but that was minor

Mason wails grew louder he looked at my face and cried harder I felt the stray tears beam down my face as I realize that both of our lives were almost over. I cried even harder as I realized that if Aiden hadn't pushed for Samuel to come. We would have died the tears was now full on sobs

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