Morning After

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Chapter 8- Morning after


God my head hurt. I stretched waiting for the usual soreness from sleeping on my uncomfortable bed, but there was none. Just pure comfort that sent me on a high alert I quickly opened my eyes. I did a quick body check I wasn't sore anywhere, and my clothes were still intact, all good. The only thing missing was my phone. I looked up and was at a loss for words, this sure as hell wasn't my room. No phone, No way to contact Kaylee and apologize for the overnight babysitting. I had to leave this house ASAP.

It looked unreal, the bed was enormous, it looked as if it could fit at least 6 people, the bedspread was all black, and it felt like heaven. I quickly got off the bed and near fell on the cold hardwood floor. I looked around the room, and it was huge, it was decorated in all black once I got off the platform that held the bed I was in a living room area with couches, chairs, bookshelves and a huge TV that took up a huge wall, I wandered around the room looking for the bathroom. And instead found the closest or should I say the mall, it was just rolls of male clothes and shoes organized by colors, I closed the door almost as fast I opened it. I didn't want to believe I was in a strange man's house.

I needed to leave, I wandered aimlessly through so many doors leading to unnecessary rooms like the game room. This guy was really loaded and just when I was about to quit a woman came in, she was an older woman maybe in her early 50's She had hips for days with a slight belly, her pepper colored hair was cut in a long bob. She was so busy making the bed that she didn't notice me.

"Excuse me!" I called out desperately

The lady jumped "Oh Lawd! you scared me."

She said in a southern accent placing her right hand on her chest, I now had a clear view of her. Cream-colored skin that had wrinkles yet her skin looked somewhat renewed, her green eyes were big and expressive, with dainty lips, a thin nose, and high cheekbones. She was a pretty older woman.

"Sorry ma'am," I said bashfully "I am just trying to figure where I am and how to leave" I added quickly.

She looked at me like I had grown two heads "You're in Mr. Price's Room, and I can show you out" She pulled out her phone called some number "Mr. Price, your guest .....ummh" her green eyes zeroed in on me

"What's your name honey ?"She asked firmly

"Charley" I rushed out

"Miss Charley wishes to leave."

After what seemed like forever she hung up

"He said No!" She added a dismissive look to her words and turned to continue her task, Gone was the somewhat polite maid.

She said No, so casually that I thought she misspoke and she went back to cleaning. As if not letting someone leave was normal behavior. I was suspended in a place. Who the... What the fuck. But what kinda of man can say No and have his workers follow without a second thought. I shivered, that's a man I didn't want to deal with. Such blind loyalty made my stomach turn.

Screw him! I looked around the room in another sweep. I spotted the door she came in through and walked to it. I looked back at the crazy housekeeper who was now heading to the walk-in closet, humming happily and pretending like I wasn't there anymore.

I opened the door and was completely lost, the hallway was ridiculous, all I saw were rows of doors. I decided to keep straight, it was a good thing I did because all I heard was Mia's loud voice I followed it down the long staircase until I spotted her. Her clothes were rumpled from sleep, and surprisingly her hair was still styled up perfectly.

"Good morning " I grumbled lowly

"Shhh my head hurts "she stammered out loudly

"If it hurts so bad then why are you yelling "I covered my ears for effect

"Quincy, just sent me this video telling me I'm temporarily banned from the club "she sulked "I love Viper" she slumped her face down on one of couch Aiden's pillows for dramatic effect

" decided to yell?"

"Yeah, I knew you would come" she shrugged

She patted the seat next to her "Come on let's watch" She couldn't help her cat-like grin" I feel famous."

I stammered over to her as she pressed play and all we saw was someone's thumb then it was Mia and I dancing on the bar with Richard hyping us up "Go Girls Go!!!"

Then we started singing incoherently while taking shots when a male bartender picked us off the bar. Instantly we saw Mia's fist go straight into the guy's jaw while she screamed.

"What you gonna do bitch... I got Yo Hoe card now!!"

Before the stunned bartender could react, Quincy picked Mia up with Richard and me in tow.

The video ended and all we heard was Richard laughing. We turned around to see him clenching his side

"Hoe card really?" He questioned his eyes now shining with unshed tears

"It's not funny I got temporary banned " She groaned while falling on my shoulder for comfort

"I know, I know but you're so hardcore for no reason "His gaze held a newfound appreciation for her, but he didn't stop teasing her about not being ladylike and being too aggressive for her size. Bored off their constant back and forth I cut in

"Where's Aiden? " I asked

"He's in his office, " He said while wiping away stray tears

"It's right there" he pointed past the couch to an all-black door


Mia and Richard were still bickering as I opened the door, he was on the phone speaking very angry and fast. He held one finger up telling to be quiet

"Make the arrangements. I don't want to repeat myself "His rough, harsh voice sounded lethal even to me, an innocent bystander.

He slammed the phone down and ran his fingers through his hair unrevealing his previously slicked down hair.

"God. People are idiots"He groaned out.

I mumbled "Takes one to know one, "I said purposely not making any eye contact

He glared at me, but I was still too buzzed from the previous night. So it didn't do anything

"So Beast why have you trapped this Beauty up?" I said while pointing to myself wondering if his uppity ass would catch my Disney reference. He laughed, like a really clench his stomach laugh. I was frozen, did he hit his head or something?

"I didn't think It was that funny" I grumbled out taken aback by his reaction.

He coughed "Ohh. You're not I'm just thinking about last night. "

His smile turned more sinister Last night? I thought about it, how did I end up here? Why would Samuel drive us here?

"Yeah, I don't remember much but I called Samuel, and that's about it."

He laughed even harder.

"Well for starters you signed the contract so first thing on Monday you'll be my P.A"

He proclaimed arrogantly

"Nope, don't recall, "I said boldly.

He smiled, which showed the slight dimple on his left cheek.

"Well, it doesn't matter I have the contract and some very sexy pictures of you" he reclined back in his chair

"What pictures?" I rubbed my temples trying to force out memories from last night, but everything was a blur.

He rubbed his stubble in fake- thought his ever-present smirk deepening.

"Last night, after you signed the papers you thought it would be cute to prance around in your undies and pose sexily for me." The smooth way he added that tidbit of information was almost believable

"I don't believe you" I glared at him holding his hard gaze. He raised his eyebrow,

"Here!" He tossed me his iPhone.

I looked through his gallery, and it took me a moment to realize there wasn't a single picture of me. Actually, there weren't any pictures at all on the phone.

He started laughing again. I'd never seen him laugh that much, I thought maybe he was high.

"You actually believed me, the truth is after you signed the papers you became very whiney, and you wouldn't let me leave alone, so I laid you down in my bedroom, and that's all," he said the laughter still in his voice.

I squirmed under his hard gaze, I hope that's all he did.

"Can I at least read the contract I signed" I almost pleaded. At this point since I was stupid enough to pledge my allegiance to the enemy. If he was cruel enough, he'd say no and to make me feel worse.

"Yeah, then afterward I'll show you and your friend your new penthouse "He couldn't hide the victorious gleam in his eyes.

I grabbed the stack of papers and pulled up a chair next to Mr. Price my bothersome Old and new boss.

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