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The day you bring a child into the world you picture yourself in an all-white hospital room, with a happy husband holding a bundle of joy while branding an incredible smile, and while kissing your lips, he thanks you sincerely for producing his child. Unfortunately, I wasn't given that picturesque experience.

"Come here now," a husky voice demanded.

Charley Wilkes ran as soon as his voice reached her ears. She knew his moods by now and that this demand always meant "bring me my coffee, extra dark, and hurry!"

She knocked and waited for the gruff "Come in."
Entering the room, she hurried to his desk, placed the cup of coffee on the desk before taking a step back from the desk and proceeding with their morning routine.

"Morning, Mr. Price. Here's your coffee. Your agenda for today is as follows: you've got a meeting in an hour with Mr. Powers about your upcoming partnership, then," Bravely, she chanced a glance in his direction and felt her breath stop short.

One thing about Mr. Price is that he was gorgeous. "Sex on a stick" is what most would best describe him as. With dark wavy hair that stopped evenly behind his ears, disheveled because of the incessant raking of his fingers, a sign of stress, his eyes were her favorite part of him. They were a light almost grey-blue color. He had a strong masculine chin, naturally tanned skin, and luscious lips. His tie was loose around his neck, and his collar was undone, bringing attention to his body which was even more amazing. For a man as busy as Mr. Price, he still made time to work out constantly. You could see the imprint of his abs through his button up.

Charley had been working for him for over a month, and although he was the most handsome specimen she'd ever come across, she'd lost all sexual interest in him. He was too demanding, his motto being, "the more control, the better." He went through too many secretaries as a result of his other motto, "don't mix business with pleasure, but when the pleasure is good, get it and kick it to the curb."

She'd been wondering why he continued to hire female instead of male secretaries, but Charley had learned early on why she'd gotten the job over everyone else. She was black, and that wasn't his type.

"I know what my agenda is, Ms. Wilkes. I just wanted my coffee. You are dismissed," he said with a wave of a hand.

With anger slowly burning inside of her, she left.

Charley sat down and collected herself. She hated when he dismissed her. His steely eyes would zero in on her brown ones, and with a cold voice, he would unleash words that would leave her feeling less than she was. She ran a hand through her hair. She was in such a rush her bun was sloppily placed on top of her head. Reaching for the band that held her hair together, she let it loose, and it fell in waves of luscious black curls down her back.

Heaving a heavy sigh, she placed her elbow on her desk and placed her chin in her palm, leaning forward. "God, that man is-," she was cut off by a familiar gruff voice above her head.

"Is what?" Startled, she quickly sat up in her seat and looked up to see her boss leaning on the platform above her desk made to greet guests.

Giving him her best smile, she answered, "Is an amazing boss!"

Cocking his head to the left, he stared at her inquisitively, then chuckled easily. It was a musical sound and also the first time she'd ever heard it, causing a rush of heat to come over her.

"I need those documents for the Fenderson business refiled." With that, he laid a stack of files on the platform.

"No problem, sir." She hurriedly repined her hair and grabbed the files. This was a usual work week.

A few hours later, Charley received a phone call on her personal phone. "Ms. Wilkes, there's been an accident."

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