What's Done in the Dark

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What's Done in the Dark

(Charley's P.O.V)

When I say Samuel delivered, he delivered just spectacular.I know I loved my room in my apartment but this was beyond perfect. They comically  gave me the bedroom next to Aiden's but my room seemed so much better his room was very impersonal, very bachelor pad like but my room was first of all open and I mean open I had big wide beautiful windows that you can see all of New York's beautiful views, A big California king platform bed with an elegant blue bed spread, my room had its own built in fireplace with stone marble around it, a lounge area with blue blush couches and a vast built-in bookshelf which Samuel had filled with original copies of some of my favorite books he knew I was a regency genre fanatic and I greatly appreciated that.

 One of my favorite areas was the walk-in closet that had the doors completely made out of mirrors so I can view myself in all angles and the closet was filled with more clothes then I bought and so many accessories I can imagine Mia going crazy over it when she saw it, A Big tv that took up the whole wall . Samuel had other cute items added but the room was simply breathtaking he even hung up some of my old paintings I did as a young child he was surprised at how young I was he was truly astonished. I was really getting used to being with them I enjoyed it even.

Plus staying with Aiden was honestly very pleasant I rarely see the nasty maid Mrs. Miller and Aiden was so in love with my cooking Neither Mrs. Miller or Samuel was needed as much which was good for their ages; They needed to rest more.Samuel came by every day to chat and to play with Mason he even anticipated that his daughter would be visiting in a few weeks and he couldn't wait for us to meet and I honestly couldn't either he talked so highly of her I couldn't wait to meet her plus she was only a year younger than me so I knew we'd have a lot in common. So with the first week of being here, Aiden insisted on staying with me and Mason he was being extremely clingy and overprotective. 

Wherever I looked he was there he better be happy I enjoyed seeing his handsome face I got so used to seeing it was I able to mesmerize every chiseled aspect of it and since I had a very light workload since he wasn't working I took the time to dabble in my true passion ,Art which of course fully approved by Aiden true to his word he gave me an office which was supplied with all art supplies he insisted that since that was my childhood dream he'd support it.I can admit that I was starting to be in a little happy bubble with him and Mason and he could tell we argued less and talked more I was seeing a new side of him

He was being very considerate so I decided to paint him a small token of my appreciation so I took different pictures of him and commissioned a painting I made sure to capture his Strong piercing grey eyes that was the main focus I haven't painted since Masons birthday and both Samuel and Aiden had no problem watching him and even Kaylee still dropped by she insisted she missed him too much to not see him so I honestly had hours to paint .So when I was done with the painting it was just before he was scheduled to leave, Aiden was expected overseas for a few days the first time apart in a while he was dreading it.

I had to admit I was still a little jumpy since the incident and I felt a lot better in his presence

So  before his trip he invited everyone Mia, Richard, Samuel, Stephanie, Marcus and even Kaylee he was so excited that I was showing his painting that I did he invited everyone I had to beg him not to invite an art critic I was ready for all that so he agreed to a small gathering he even hired a catering team, sent out invitation and made a dress code requirement for 9 people it was embarrassing but we all followed along

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