The Wait

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Chapter 4-The Wait


I watched her leave and loved the view. The way her hips swayed back and forth. I bit my lips and groaned thinking about it. I smiled remembering the look on her face when I picked her up; almost pure hate. Soon she's going to have to look at me every day. I started whistling because I knew tomorrow morning she'd be at my office with the contract signed and delivered.

Who wouldn't? This was the best job for someone like her with an Associate's degree at some unknown community college. Through me, she'll go so far, so much farther than she would on her own. I laughed, heartily. I'm so giving.

I walked up to the seemingly uninteresting door of the room that held my security team. I opened it, and there was a steel door in which I placed my hand near the doorway.

The computer beeped and stated monotonously, "Access granted. Welcome, Mr. Price."

The real door slid open, and I was greeted by my security team. "Mr. Price." They all acknowledged, sitting up straight at the sight of me.

"Is there any new activity?" I asked them, walking into the room with slow, confident steps.

"No. All staff are in place. No one will be seen," one of my employees answered, adjusting his glasses with trepidation.

"Good. Keep it that way," I spoke with authority.

They all looked around nervously, hoping I won't choose to stare them down. This room was filled with my top programmers, who watched over the building and the expensive technology within it. It also contained a few security personnel, but my real men were downstairs in the lobby. They were there, but their job was never to be seen.

The room was nicknamed "The Eagle Nest," a cheesy joke Richard said referring to the movie Eagle Eye, which was very accurate seeing as this room was full of monitors showing the whole complex. I had people doing constant surveillance. One of the perks of owning the most renowned security company in the world. It's almost impossible to breakthrough my security system.

"Did any of you follow through with my order of setting up the cameras in my new P.A's apartment?" I questioned.

"Yes, we followed your requirements down to the T. She'll never notice them."

I smiled, brightly. Perfect.

"Just keep watch. Make sure no strange men come around. Actually... inform me if any men, in general, come around."

They all nodded in confirmation that they'd heard what I said. I didn't have time to watch over her personally. Being my P.A was no easy task I shook my head especially when she's as sexy as she is. Damn! Now I must wait for her call.


The elevator finally dinged as I sent Mia a text. I looked up and was amazed. Mr. Price really outdid himself, but what should I expect this was his life's work.

The building was like some kind of hybrid. It was a hotel-styled apartment since you could choose to either rent a room or lease an apartment. The lobby itself was amazing. He found some way to add elegance with a family feel. The floors were marble with furniture that looked overly expensive, and the corner of the lobby held a wall full of exotic fish and turtles. Children were drawn to. Some couldn't help themselves and were tapping the glass much to the fish's dismay. I was going to explore more of the lobby when a frail and kind looking older man in his late 60's with thinning gray hair approached me. As he grew closer I was able to get a better look at him, He was tall maybe 6'2, broad shoulder and was clearly a looker in his younger days.

"Excuse me. Are you Ms. Wilkes?" His voice was gruff with a slight English accent. He smiled. He made me wish I had a grandfather.

I smiled in return. "Yes, but you can call me Charley." I extended my hand for a shake.

"That's a lovely name. I'm Samuel Bradshaw, but you can call me Samuel." He shook my hand, then guided me with his arm, leading me to the door. "I will be taking you home. I already dropped your car off earlier. Mr. Price said you'll be his P.A, so I'm your personal driver whenever you need me." He handed me his card. He made sure not to ruffle my papers.

I smiled harder. "If I agree. I haven't signed anything yet."

The older man laughed and looked me straight in the eyes, he's were filled with laughter, "I'm sorry, Charley, but I'm yet to see Mr. Price not get what he wants, and I have been his driver since he was 3."

I was taken aback. Mr. Price wasn't young. That was at least 25 years of service.

He opened the door to a black limousine. I frowned. This was a little ostentatious. "Samuel, do you have anything less... flashy? I don't live in Manhattan."

This is like me saying, ''Come rob me! I'm rich!''

He scratched his head and started naming the cars Mr. Price had. I stopped him when he said Lincoln. It was just an all-black Lincoln. That was something I could live with.

"Okay, Miss Charley. One second."

He called someone and asked for the black Lincoln to be driven to the front. A few moments later, a man pulled up and tossed Hughes the keys. I was shocked at his reflexes. He caught them without batting an eye. He opened the door for me, and once I was safely inside, he proceeded to enter the driver's seat.

The ride was calming. He played soft R&B, and we chatted. He was very talkative but extremely nice. He talked a lot about his daughter. She was in her 3rd year at Harvard, and he was so proud. I laughed. I was even jealous a little of their relationship, but it got me dreaming about MJ's future because if he were anything like his father, he would surely be a genius. That was Mason for you; give him a math equation and he'll give you an answer.

"We're here. Please keep me in mind if you need a ride or if you want to talk." He smiled.

"Thanks, Samuel. I really appreciate it."

I grabbed my stuff and headed inside.

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