New Surrounding

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Chapter 3 - New Surroundings


"...And I told that sucker, I quit," I said in a slurred manner, moving my hands around.

"You should have kicked his ass," Mia yelled.

"Shush! Mason's asleep," I whispered, looking around.

She laughed even louder. "Mason is with the babysitter," she stated, matter-of-factly.

"Ohh yeah! So I was like, don't treat me like a hoe and he was like fuck you!"

"He actually said fuck you?!" She jumped up, nearly falling, her mother-bear instincts had kicked in.

I took another shot. "No," I said as I flopped down on her couch.

"I can't believe I quit. I have a child now. Do you know how muuuch diapers costed?" I asked her, not noticing my slurring or incorrect grammar as I looked at the intricate designs of her drywall ceilings.

She hugged me awkwardly and way too tight from my position on the couch. "You know I have your back. I can give you a job at the news station. The pay is crappy, but I run that bitch," she assured as she poured us another shot.

"What the hell?" I answered with a shrug.

"Sure, let's work together!"

We took a celebratory shot.

"Wooah!" she screamed. "Working with my best friend."

(1 month later)


"Ugh, Mason. Stop!"

He giggled and gave me another sloppy kiss on my cheek. He was growing up so fast. He had started to talk more actively and even stopped crying for his father.

"Come on, big boy. Time for daycare." He was wearing the cutest onesie with a teddy bear that said "mama's little teddy," which was so true.

My first week working at Mia's station was not a great experience, but her boss was nice enough to offer me a job at his friend's construction building as a temporary secretary.

It was a perfect fit; it was a family-owned company. My boss was a very attractive older man with silver colored hair named, Mr. Miller. He was at least 60 years old and was grooming his 29-year-old son, Brandon to take over. Brandon was a cute man with brown hair, green eyes and a baby like face, although he was 6 foot even and wasn't very muscular, he was lean, which made him seem taller. I knew he had a little crush on me, but I wasn't there for that, plus Mason was the jealous type and could get overprotective.

Working there was pretty easy. File and answer the phone. It paid pretty well, enough to save up for Mason's college fund and a new apartment.

The phone rang and without thought, I picked it up, greeting the person on the line. "Ms. Wilkes, can you come in for a second?" I heard on the phone.

I answered 'yes Sir,' placed the phone back in the receiver, stood from my chair and made my way to the office.

I knocked and waited for a voice to authorize my entrance. "Come in." Once I walked in, I stood before my boss' desk, waiting for further instructions. "Please have a seat."

I sat but didn't notice the tall man seated in the chair next to mine, until my eyes clashed with his steely grey ones.

"Hello Ms. Wilkes," he almost purred.

I stiffened. Why was he there?

"Hello," I said dryly.

"Mr. Price was telling me that you're legally still under contract with him and if I don't let you go I will be fined an exorbitant amount of money, so to avoid having to pay that–," he stood to his feet and stretched his arm out to me. I stared at it, disbelief evident on my face at his next words. "I'm sorry.

You were a great asset, and I know my son will miss you the most, but we have to let you go. If the contract ever gets canceled, please keep us in mind," he winked at me, and I laughed, breathlessly as my surprise turned into a slow-burning rage, and I shook his hand.

"It's fine. I loved working with you both."

I got up, went to my little office and gathered my items. I gave my little office one last look.

That small space held memories, such as the time spent chatting with Brandon and his failed attempts to ask me out. I laughed bitterly. Now I was jobless with a child, and rent that was due a few weeks from now. God, I hate men that always ruin good things.

As I was walking out of the building, I was grabbed from behind. Looking up I saw a pair of annoyingly familiar eyes staring back at me.

"Come on. Follow me."

"Why?" I asked, ripping my arm from his grasp and continuing the trek to my car.

"Now." He demanded.

Without giving me much of a choice, he forced me to follow by grabbing my elbow and rushing me into an all-black Audi. I was surprised that he even opened the door for me. Who knew? Even assholes had manners.

He eased in, started the engine and began to drive.

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