P.A First Day

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Chapter 11-P.A First Day

(Aiden's P.O.V)

Monday mornings to most people it's the most dreary day of the week. But not this Monday because it's my new PA's first day and my new all professional approach to her I took care of my manly needs so no more mishaps.

I told Ms. Wilkes to meet me at ADflex it's a marketing company I own and a perfect training ground.I've arranged for her to train under different department heads for one month they will report to me daily and they will evaluate her by the end of the month at ADflex there's Head of Accounting Stephanie Cortez she's a rare find she's able to balance any budget within minutes. She's quite remarkable and a good teacher ,Head of Human Resources Eric Schmidt he is very good at reading people since I hired him the rate that I had to fire people decreased drastically,Quinn Withers though not apart of Adflex she is my interior decorator she's very capable if she wasn't she wouldn't be in charge of such a heavy task, Shes a socialite plus she's from a very affluent family she'll show her perfect etiquette and all things related. And the last person is Marcus Wade his the V.I.P of ADflex his stamp of approval well determine Ms.Wilkes future Marcus is a workaholic so he won't approve or anything less than perfect that's why I hired him he's meticulous like me.

I checked my watch it's 6:45 Charley's not supposed to be here until 7:30

I'm here early to talk to Charley's trainers before she arrives. As soon as I walked into the building. I'm received by Charley's trainers they were right on time I gave them all a hard nod to acknowledge their presence I walked to the elevator pressed our floor we walked to the meeting room I sat first my staff stood nervously.

"You may be seated" My voice sounded sharper than usual

Of course, they followed my orders I'm Aiden Price I command a room

"I've called you all here to discuss, Ms.Wilkes "Saying her name almost made me smile, I pushed down that weak emotion.

They nodded their head in understanding

"I expect nothing less than perfection, I want you all to break every bad mannerism in her, I want her to be a P.A fitting of my greatness "I looked around the room my grey eyes not missing a thing. I noticed an agitated looking Ms.Withers.

"Sir, why are you trying so hard for some ghetto black girl!"She sneered out cutting me off, Her usually pale skin was pink from frustration. She gasped and covered her mouth when she realized her mistake.

I froze everyone knows when Aiden Prices speaks there wasn't any interruption. I looked at my staff Stephanie and Eric were surprised, Marcus smirked in anticipation while Quinn looked like a deer in headlights.

I stood up to free my tie and dragged Quinn's chair to me and every so sweetly whispered in her ear

"Ms.Withers" I snarled quietly she visibly shivered

"You are a mere peasant to me a piece of pampered trash so when a person as heavenly as myself speak you listen and you learn" I clutched the cushion of the armrest hard as I held my composure and spoke every word with so much venom Quinn's eyes watered"And if you ever refer to her race and background instead of her work ethic you'd become lower than some black girl from the ghetto"I shuddered internally at her ignorance. She doesn't even realize simpleminded she really is, a total waste of space and if I didn't feel like she was going to be an asset to Charley I wouldn't force her to deal with her.

She was holding back tears.I'm sure she has never been spoken to like that before and the fact it was in front of the team probably made her feel worse. But I felt no sympathy for her, I straightened my tie and pushed down the strong desire to fire her "You're dismissed Ms. Withers "I didn't hide my distaste in my voice

She looked up horror-struck "But, Sir-" she babbled

"Get out !" She was dancing on my last nerve

She was still in her seat, tears now visibly streaming "Butt..bbuut" she said through broken cries

I slammed my fist down on the Desk "Now!" I roared

She immediately jumped up and ran out I fixed my clothes "Now everyone, I'll advise you all to train Ms.Wilkes with me in mind"

I ran my fingers through my hair "You all are dismissed "I huffed out

They soon left out and I was welcomed to silence and annoyance why did I defend her. I'm Aiden Price I don't help people and I think Ms.Wilkes has gained too much of my kindness.

Time for her to pay it back.

(Charley's P.O.V)

ADflex this was one of Aiden's many businesses According to Mia, He brought this out of pure malice the previous owner had mismanaged his funds. So he thought he could deceive at that time a 23-year-old Aiden into buying his run down a company for triple its worth Aiden brought it and within a year it became New York's 1# Marketing Business completely surpassing the previous owner.

So as I approached the overly intimidating building I thought back to this morning despite the fact that I'm completely exhausted. Mason the love of my life wouldn't sleep. He was fussing, the whole night I stayed in his room with him and even that didn't help. I was so busy trying to get MJ ready that I was left rushing out. I even forgot my jacket and couldn't fix my hair so I pinned it to the side something simple. So I'm wearing a cream-colored sleeveless shirt and a blue/green pencil skirt with nude heels and without my jacket, I felt a little exposed.

I've worked with him before but never trained under him. Being his secretary was a slight step up from a receptionist. Now, I will singlehandedly help in all aspects of his life. I sighed and looked at my screensaver its a picture of Mason hugging his favorite teddy bear he looks so much like my brother and it gave me the determination to walk in with my head high I walked through the spacious lobby and to the smiling young red headed at the front desk.

"Hiiii welcome to ADflex, I'm Pamela How can I help you? "She beamed

"Hi Good morning, I have a meeting scheduled today" I tried to match her enthusiasm

She nodded in recognition "Name, Please"

"Charley Wilkes "

She halted and started to move frantically

"Ohh Yes... here are your visitor's badge and key card his on the top floor the first office "Her tone became less lively and more professionally she even fixed her stance

I Forced a smile"Thank you so much, see you later"

As I neared the elevator Pamela called out "Good luck, Charley Stay strong!" So that's why she instantly became stiff when she saw who I was meeting with...Aiden and I guess his reputation as a hardass is still the same.

As the elevator closed I was left to ponder on her kind yet warning words.

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