Is It Just Me But She's A Bitch

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 Chapter 15 -Is It Just Me But She's A Bitch

(Charley P.O.V)

Tuesday morning my first real training day. I said Hello to Pamela who for some reason insist on me calling her Pam which I awkwardly agreed to She's very welcoming it's refreshing. I came in earlier to talk to her about the company and she explained the whole run down and I was eager for her information she's very friendly were even going out for lunch today so I don't have to worry about the mean girls at the cafeteria I chuckled at my lame joke as I head to the bathroom to fix my make up.

I walked straight to the massive mirror I looked at myself, to be honest, I think I looked very professional I wore a simple white button up shirt and a black pencil skirt with black heels and my hair was in a perfect bun as I reapplied my lipstick.

When a group of women came in and as soon as they saw me they looked me up and down and giggled then went to the mirror next to mine

I wasn't worried about the looks believe me I've been through worse as I was leaving I heard them giggle and mumble about how hot Aiden is and they were talking about how they actually saw him I shook my head and laughed I've done more than see him I was too busy snickering to notice the incoming person when I realized my actions it was too late that person had already fallen.

"I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention"

I outstretched my hand to the thin blonde who finally looked up her eyes held disgusted as she saw my hand

"I don't need any help for anyone like you!" she seethed out. As she slowly tried to get up and struggled stupidity

I immediately retracted my hand and I was literally Woo-shaing doing the counting thing anything to prevent my hand from cocking all the way back and connected with her pale face. She said her rude remark so quickly I had to replay it and think. She said anyone like me we are both women so can I safely assume she means someone black when I finally went to number 8 I was able to smile and walk away. I wasn't seeing her anytime soon so She can continue being ignorant at her desk. (I Love the woo-shaing so you might see it a lot)

I pushed that unpleasant meeting behind me and proceed to the meeting room. The first person I saw was Aiden seating at the head of the table with his steely business mask on and fully loaded. When he saw me his eyes grew colder which sent shivers down my spine. I stood awkwardly at the door not knowing where to sit. He pinched the bridge of his nose clearly frustrated and pointed to the chair on his right side.

I smiled lightly and sat next to him within minutes the meeting was filled with 4 more people. I knew Marcus from yesterday next to him was a Latino woman and she was gorgeous she had brown curly shoulder-length hair big cat like hazel eyes with thick lashes to amplify her pretty eyes and her bronze skin was flawless she was breathtaking. Next to her was a Man he was just a cute dorky white guy he wore nerd glasses he was slim average height, he wore a very welcoming smile, he had sandy blonde hair and his green eyes were evident through his glasses. At the far end of the table starring daggers at me was the same rude blonde from earlier and I was throwing daggers back. I was so busy having the invisible battle with the rude woman I barely notice Aiden was speaking.

"The person to my left you already know is Marcus Wade and V.P of ADflex he'll be the final person you'll train under, Next to him is Stephanie Cortez Head of Accounting here she'll be your first trainer, Next to her is Eric Schmidt Head of Human Resources and your second trainer,Lastly, Quinn Withers, she'll be constantly consulting you and all aspects in having the air of a businesswoman through you only have 3 actual trainers you will work and every department they will oversee your work so soon you'll be very well versed in all business"He couldn't even hide the arrogance in his announcement

I processed all he said the only thing I didn't like was having to deal with that Quinn woman I can already tell what was gonna happen.

"That's pretty much it, they will inform me of your progress you all may go"He waved us all off without even a glance

We all left as he order Stephanie walked directly to me and hugged me

"Welcome I've been waiting for a new employee!" she grinned then

leaned in and whispered to me

"Between you and me this place needs more color. I'm happy, I'm not going to be alone it is tiring sometimes if I don't see Marcus I forget this is supposed to be a diverse company"

We both laughed

"Okay, let me show you around then. I'll give you your assignment"

She locked arms with me at that moment I noticed how small she was Shes probably a few inches taller then Mia and that's probably because of the heels she was wearing.

She proceeded to show me this massive building start with her home ground the accounting floor. She introduced me to her staff through friendly and quite eager to meet me. I instantly understood what Stephanie was talking about it was no color in this sea of faces just different shades of white. She showed me the cafeteria, H.R floor, Marketing floor, The lower levels were filed with the Mailroom, Interns offices, and Entry-level workers offices. After seeing every one of the 10 floors she brought me back to her office which was very nice nowhere near as big as Aiden but more than spacious. She instantly sat down and stared at me intently.

"Charley starting today you'll be my P.A while doing that I'll be teaching you all the ins and outs of accounting" she smirked

"Are you gamed!"

I beamed "Yes I'm gamed!"

"Well let's start"

Stephanie had me jump write in, She showed me how to format and organize different budgets from each department and it was Hell this brought back memories of how I hate math thank God it was mainly entering numbers into the computer and simple mental math.

I thought this was gonna be a piece of cake until Stephanie said I was only doing entry-level work and tomorrow she'll teach me something more challenging. When I thought I finally could catch a break that skinny pale blonde walked into my small office

"Yes Ms.Withers," I said in between clenched teeth

"Wilkes" she spat out wickedly

"I just here to warn you Aiden Price is my future Husband and No charity case can ever compare to me.I'm wealthy and come from an affluent family" She flipped her blonde hair and continued her crazy rant.

"My name carries weight and since I have to tolerate you I'm here to tell you since I'm your consulting and must help you and I will.I'll make you appear to be an exceptional woman if anyone was gonna make a something like you into someone presentable I'm the one to do it BTW I'm gonna be a complete hard ass to you"

She walked to the door"Au Revoir" She hesitated and chuckled

"That's French for bye I'm pretty sure you didn't know" and she slammed the door

I stared at the door that Bitch she just belittled me. At this time I was involuntarily clenching and unclenching my fist while walking back and forth. In my office I checked my phone and saw my light at the end of the tunnel and my anger was gone I will just show her up at her own game

When I thought that Quinn woman couldn't get any lower she had the nerve to not only join Pam, Stephanie and I lunch and not only was she rude she found a way to be catty towards me and snub me at the same time

I woo-shaed, prayed and asked God for strength because I was about to KILL THIS BITCH! I sighed I hope these months past by before I become a prison mother.

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