Slumber Party

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Slumber Party Chapter -29

(Charley's P.O.V)

I wish, I could explain how I ended up in Aiden's Master suite about to take a bath Mason was already clean and was now out with Samuel while Aiden in the other master suite

I examined the clothes Samuel brought me I was at a loss as to why he brought me an almost see-through nightgown. And I was amazed how he guessed my under clothes sizes perfectly. I was torn between impressed and embarrassed

I chose to ignore it and I enjoyed my bath in this amazing jacuzzi bathtub

I Almost didn't want to leave but I had to Aiden probably out his shower already

I dried off and a grabbed my brush and brushed my mane the curls fell done in even waves I groaned and looked at myself in his massive mirror the PJs Samuel brought was extremely flattering the bra was very attention-grabbing and the grown dipped into my curves. It stopped mid-thigh it was black and lacey I started to realized that Aiden likes black and obviously Samuel knows this and he wants Aiden to notice me which wearing this isn't a hard task

I searched my bag and luckily found a rubber band in secs my hair was pinned up in a nice ponytail. I grabbed the skimpy silk black robe and double knotted the string staying secure.

As I was about to leave the bathroom I couldn't help but feel a small peg of anxiousness. I would have never thought I'd be in Aiden's house with my son. I sighed time to woman up and I walked through the threshold

Aiden was wearing an all black V neck and some comfortable looking pajamas pants his back was turned to me. So it gave me the full view of his masculine back it was very alluring.

I didn't want to be seen by Aiden but as I tried to maneuver past him. My darling son had to run across the massive bed it took him a while to actually reach me but when he did he let out a squeal

So much for sneaking in, I could feel those eyes burning a hole through my robe

Mason pulled my face to his, he wanted my full attention. He was wearing tonight a superman onesie it even has a cute red cape attached to it. He obviously likes it since he's running around the bed making swish noise with his hands out in front of him

It was adorable too cute but he needs to get ready for bed

" Mason come here baby boy" He stopped and walked towards me

I turned my attention towards Aiden that was really undressing me with his eyes

"Aiden" he still was in a daze

"Aiden!" this time with a little more forcefulness, he finally was brought out from his daze with a smirk on his face

I rolled my eyes

"So what do you have planned? "

He smiled and tossed me remote

"Simple, We are going to watch a movie that Mason will enjoy"

I smiled of course We are

I FLIPPED THROUGH LITERALLY THOUSANDS of channels it's like Aiden has every channel in the world... I wouldn't be surprised

I landed on a classic movie I smiled eagerly The Lion King I nearly leaped from the happiness. I jumped on the massive bed

Mason followed suit, Aiden sat next to Mason and we all silently watched the movie.

My favorite part came on

I had to join in

"Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase

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