Gala Part 2

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Okay, you guys I finally finished this chapter😧😥😤 .....I'm not sure if its good but I felt terrible not updating😔😔... This writer's block is very troublesome I swear... But thanks for all the love and support😙😘😙 ..This chapter is subject to change


Gala Part 2-Chapter 34

(Charley's P.O.V)

Long red and flowing was my dress the neckline curved across my neck in an alluring way It felt almost like a second skin and fit like a glove.I really enjoyed treating myself to a much-needed spa day my brown skin has never looked so radiant. And my hair was styled in a simple elegant updo.

Makeup I chose to go light with only mascara and red lipstick. I felt like a princess and that was beyond words.

"Mama!" Mason called out from downstairs "Maama!!"

Rushing downstairs wasn't the best Idea and it wasn't until I reached the last step when I saw why Mason called me.

Aiden had arrived he was wearing an all-black suit tailored to his massive form.

I had to suppress a smile when I noticed we were matching his tie and his pocket square(I swear I was going to call it a hanky)was the same red shade of my dress. He shaved too, No longer did he have that scruffy facial hair that I hate to admit I loved his facial hair it was very alluring

He even cut his hair to the point where his lush waves were almost non-existent

Overall he looked different nowhere near less attractive, but still different.

I approached him trying to pretend that I wasn't staring him down

His blue eyes screened my body sending my body into overdrive

"Very Nice Charley..."

He looked at his watch "Let's go"

The cold dismissive way, he looked at me was nerve wrecking and he had to open his mouth to make it worse.

He patted Mason on the head and headed towards the door

Leaving an unhappy Mason behind

I scooped Mason up kissed his check

"Be good to Kaylee while I'm out... Okay "

Mason pouted

"Den Den Mean" he mumbled

The face he made was beyond cute it cut through my annoyance with Aiden

I cradle him placing his chubby cheeks on my neck and rocked slightly

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