Unneeded company

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Unneeded company

(Aidens P.O.V)

Walking into my Adflex Pam the receptionist flagged me down as soon as I entered

She nervously looked around "Out with it Ms.Hall I don't have all day"

She sighed "A lady came by and demanded to see you I told her you weren't in but she refused to leave I threatened to call security and she still wouldn't leave"

Pam was still fidgeting

"So I called security and I don't know how but she got through them with easy and took one of their badges to your office"

She was staring at her feet at this point if she wasn't Charley's friend I'd fire her but I had a strong feeling I knew exactly who she was talking about

I sighed "Ms.Hall get back to work I'll handle it from here and tell those "security guards," I said sarcastically

"That couldn't handle the midget that they are fired immediately"

She looked horrified but nodded

I sighed and pressed the elevator button to my office When the midget noticed me she was ready to pounce

"How dare you!" She screamed

I ignored her as I unlocked my office door

"Charley and Mason were almost killed and no one had the balls to tell me a damn thing" she huffed " If I knew you'd do such a poor job of protecting them I wouldn't have left them in your care" she shouted

I slammed my hands down on my desk I was shaking with rage

" No I'm sorry I didn't call you but I'll be damn if you come in here and say that I didn't protect them I fucked up you think I don't know I almost lost everything yesterday and I don't want to hear it from you !" I yelled back

She was stunned into silence a rare occurrence I bet

She sighed and sat down on the open couch she was she was shaking slightly apart of me wonder if this was one of her kinks Richard once told him that Mia was a lot more fragile than she let on maybe this was affecting her the same he had almost felt the urge to comfort her but he was never one for that

"I'm sorry" she half mumbled "Charley and Mason mean the world to me and the fact that I had to find out so late it just didn't sit right with me"

"Yeah I know but the only lead is someone named mother" I ran a hand down my hair I tried to be as honest as I could hoping it'll ease her some " and Charley gave me so little information on her mother I know she's died at least"

The midget was lost in thought

"Midget do you know which mother they can be referring to?" I questioned

She shook her head no "Charley mother wasn't really the mothering type I can tell you that she was a woman that dealt with a lot but wasn't compassionate enough to really raise children"

I acknowledge what she said "Midget I do have work to do how about you and Richard met at my house when I get off work so you can see Mason and Charley"

She half smiled"Sounds good to me"

She left soon afterward I was dreading going home to an angry Charley but I know when she sees Masons room she's gonna chew my head off I sighed and focused on work

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