Disturbing News

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Chapter 1-Disturbing News


No hospital, no husband, no marriage, no plans. God! Not even sex. I was handed a 1 and a half-year-old baby at a police department. That is where I became a mother.

"He was dead on arrival. We don't know how the little guy survived. The car was completely totaled," the officer detailed her on the series of events that led to what would change her life forever.

My older brother, Mason, the one that left immediately after high school, the one that left our terrible home, the one that said he would come back for me... was dead. The thought had me grabbing my chest as a shooting pain went through it.

"What about his mother?" I asked.

The officer coughed, before answering,
"His neighbors said that she split right after she had him." I know he's referring to the sleeping baby in my arms.

"Was he drunk?" I inquired.

"No, his car slid off the road as a result of the weather. As I said, it's a miracle that the little guy survived, and you are the only living relative that is on file, so...", the officer leaned back in his chair, leaving the unanswered question in the air of whether I would allow this child to go into the system or if I would rather take him in and raise him.

I looked at the little boy in my arms, his eyes were hazel just like Mason's, his light skin clashing with my brown tone, hair thick with black curls like mine, his little button nose like mine as well and he had pointed lips like my brother's. His little hand smacked my cheek, and he giggled as I cried. Then I notice a small gash on the left side of his face.

"Where did this come from?" I asked the officer while pointing at my nephew's tiny arm.

The officer sighed and replied, "He survived, but he suffered from hypothermia, and his entire left side was covered with glass shards. We actually held him in the hospital for 2 weeks. Your brother died 2 weeks ago and was already cremated. We apologize, but we only just located you today so..." He finished with a nonchalant shrug before getting up.

What a way with words this man had!

He left and returned with an urn. Wow! 23 years old with an urn full of my brother's remains and a baby that I've never met before on a Friday. My life really is fulfilling.

"So, I'm his mother?" I asked, my eyebrows raised in question.

He sighed again and answered, "Not fully. You have to apply for adoption, but we are releasing him to your custody, so you're free to go."

The only good thing that came of this ordeal was that the police department helped strap him in for me because I'd never done that before. I placed my brother's ashes in the trunk as securely as possible. The drive to my one bedroom apartment was terrible.

"I can't believe this," I muttered to myself. I turned my head to look at the little boy in the backseat. The police officer said his name was Mason Elliot Wilkes Jr.

"MJ," I whispered. Nothing. He was sound asleep, and I was relieved.
"Who would've thought? Me, a mom?"  I said out loud.

"God, I have to call Mia about this as soon as I get home." Damn it! I thought
The ride was long and quiet, leaving me with only my thoughts and the sound of gravel crunching under my tires. Since I'd driven to New Jersey to pick up my new son, it would take a while to reach my destination.

Hours later, I finally entered my small one bedroom apartment. I sighed, knowing I would have to move. MJ couldn't grow up here. I need to save up for something better. I call my best friend who lives a few floors up.

"Charley it's not that bad," she said, sipping from her wine glass.

"God, try explaining that to my boss!" I exclaimed, lowering my voice to so MJ wouldn't wake in the bedroom.

I told her about my boss and how the one time I was late, he ordered me to organize all his files in alphabetical order which caused me to stay until 12 at night.

"Well, you tell that motherfucker that you're a new mom, and you need time to adjust," she replied, her neck rolling so much I thought it would fall off her shoulders.

I laughed in response. My best friend was small but fiery. It was no surprise she was an upcoming news journalist. She's 5'2, thick and loves coloring her short hair, right now its honey blonde. She can be a little hood sometimes, but we grew up together. We both knew a lot about dysfunctional families. She used the knowledge to power her career choice. I chose to ignore it.

"Girl, let me tell you about this sexy, tall, brown skin man I met at the club last week." I smiled. This was one normal thing about my day. Hearing about my best friend's sex life.

I sat back, relaxed and started listening to her latest escapades.

After her tale she left, leaving me alone with a child, who was new to me, and to make matters worse, he started to cry.

I made him a small serving of baby cereal and thanks to the directions on the back; it turned out fine. He ate it right way, too fast, I felt like a bad parent, because he was hungry and I hadn't known until he began to cry. Once he burped, I laid him on my bed.

I placed the urn on my mantel and opened my laptop to look up parenting tips while I made a shopping list of all the things he would need for the coming weeks.

Mia left me the number of a good daycare near her station, and she offered to pick him up after she got off work every day. Mr. Price emailed me the week's agenda, but I decided to look at it later. First thing tomorrow I need to buy MJ some diapers, baby food, clothes, and toys. The sad part is that I don't get paid until next week so I have to dip into my savings to get what he needs.

This was gonna be a tough weekend

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