The Beginning of M and R

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PRECAUTION!!!!this chapter doesn't have anything to do with the previous chapter this is a chapter I've been stuck on for a while finally finished and I hope you like it but again this doesn't connect to the previous chapter THIS IS A PREVIEW into Mason Sr relationship with Raven and how they met No clue how I made it as long as I did it wasn't on purpose again this isn't essential to theStory line I mean this is gonna be brought up later but you don't have to read it to know what's going on but OMG I got a good little idea in my head okay okay I'm rambling read it if you want but again this Doesn't connect to the previous chapter sorry you guys lol

The Beginning of M and R

(Mason Wilkes P.O.V)

She was everything I'd ever wanted I loved her for years, no she wasn't a secret I was hers
Raven Hills I laid eyes on her my first year of high school a young dumb freshman

I was, of course, a scholarship case I wasn't supposed to actually fit in I was a glorified tax write out
How else would a black kid from the slums get accepted into Hillcrest Academy

How I got in was also stereotypical Due to your unusually high test scores we would like to offer you scholarship based solely on your academics was what the scouts of the academy said to me
The scholarship included room and board but they wouldn't allow my sister to stay with me so I declined that offer.

I walked up to that massive double door engraved with the school crest. I smoothed down my curly hair adjusted my striped tie and took a deep breath and entered the massive school hard marble floors, a glass trophy case filled with awards this was the start of something new was I really going to be this school's charity case

I walked lazily to the office the receptionist looked me up and down, of course, judging my appearance I was too tall, had a decent enough face but I was too boney too poor and of course, if I wasn't given the uniform I wouldn't have made it in.

She coldly handy me my schedule and told me my volunteer guide was waiting for me in the school courtyard

I walked through the maze of a School and I saw her it was the definition of cliche when I say she was what I ever wanted and more she was sitting on the bench absently twirling her hair
She was gorgeous she had shoulder length curly mixed colored hair it was different shades of brown then and blonde locks it

She was fiddling with her bouncy curls to noticed me gawking

I cleared my throat

And her light green cat-like eyes zoned in on me my heart literally stopped at the level of intensity she looked at me with she scanned me up and down and turned up her nose and went back to patting down her hair

The quick moment of joy from looking at her past and was replaced with annoyance
"Well, hello to you too," I said sarcastically

She frowned

"I'm only out here because I was told my tour guide would show me around"
She looked surprised and sighed heavily
She placed a fake smile on and rose from her seat extended her slender hand to me
"Raven Hills" and her cat-like green eyes examined me again and added, " and you are?"
I couldn't help the small smile that rose when she examined me "I'm Mason Wilkes"
It was like a spark hit her she knew who I was

Her fake smile free huge and her eyes looked to have dimmed quite a bit when added
"Welcome to Hillcrest this school has so much to offer you"
She went through a long story about how great the school was and showed me around the whole facility

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