Not My Baby

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Chapter 17-Not My Baby

(Charley's P.O.V)

Monday started off rough Mason had an upset stomach Sunday and woke up with a slight cough so I told Kaylee to make sure his daycare teacher is aware so she can make sure it doesn't get worse.

I needed to focus on this meeting I donned a fitted black dress with matching heels and grabbed everything I needed for the meeting. As I entered the meeting room I started to have a mini panic attack so I looked at screen saver my strength. Sometimes, I reflect back on how much this little guy has become my source of strength and encouraged me to strive for more. Within these few short months, MJ became my Everything filling the void that I never knew was there.

I was given the morning off since I had to prepare for the meeting. Everything had to be together before 1 o'clock and the additional prep time was much needed. I had to set up the PowerPoint have the packets I already distributed all while worrying about Mason.

12:45 the meeting was in full swing I choked back those nerves and that was much harder to do when steely blue eyes were on you watching your every move as I was going on and on really explain that the past 3 months have been very productive, Showing the small modifications, We made had increased revenue by 8% .I discerned that I was beginning to be looked at in a new light and I was pleased. I had a few more slides left. When my phone started to vibrate I ignored it even though my first thought was it was probably Masons Daycare for the daily check. I shook off the concern and proceeded with the presentation at 2:30 I was done right when I was about to get the feedback from the Board Members. The phone buzzed again I instinctively went to grab the phone but I saw the look of disappointment pass the closest Board member. I ignored the look and answered the phone, I know very unprofessional but they called repeatedly

"Hello "I whispered quietly hoping no one was really paying attention

"Charley" Kaylee voice held so much sorrow it caused my heart to tremble in fear

"He's in the Hospital, "She said through Broken sobs"They won't tell me what's going on Charley. Please, Please come to the hospital I sent you the address already hurry!" She was now weeping on the phone

I ran out of the meeting, I heard the whole room scream my name but it didn't matter Mason NEEDS ME. At that moment everything felt as if it was in slow motion but moving rapidly before I knew it. I was at the hospital which was packed if I wasn't rushing I would have had time to dwell on the sickening clean hospital, the smell alone was disturbing and the fact that my son is in here alone without his mother was enough to turn my stomach.

I ran straight to front desk

The young receptionist was started by rushed approached

"Im here, for Mason Wilkes"

"Name," She asked void of any emotions as she looked me up and down

"Charley Wilkes " She nodded and typed some stuff asking the usual questions insurance number and Masons information. When finished she handed me a pass and told me his room number

"Pediatrics Room 153"

I hurried to him passing busy nurses and injured patients. I was at his door in milliseconds Kaylee and Mia were at his bedside already. My baby looked So lifeless, So pale in the huge kids' hospital bed made for a much bigger child laid my son with a painful I.V and a small breathing tube down his throat the mere sight was too much to assimilate.

I strolled up to my baby He had a red rash all over his body and on the monitor said his temperature was 104.9 dangerously high for a person his age. It was too much to bear not only am I late I knowingly sent him to daycare knowing he was feeling under the weather I sat down next to him disregarding Mia and Kaylee. I felt like the worse mother in the world. So caught up in work, and impressing my higher-ups. I left him to deal with all this on his own.

I was so anxious to know what was going on I couldn't stop brushing my hands on my thighs waiting for the doctor. I kept thinking of the worse case scenario. Finally fed up with my thoughts, I turned my attention to Kaylee after a few moments passed I spoke

"Kaylee what happened ?.......What's wrong with Mason?" I stammered not taking my eyes off the heart monitor that was rapidly beating

She sniffed"The Daycare called me and said there was an outbreak in their daycare of the measles and Mason broke out and a few other children. She said it was simple and treatable so I went to pick him up and....."Tears started to fall down her face

"While driving to the apartment" She took a long ragged breathe

"He suddenly stopped talking...I puull...Pulled over to check on him.."

She now was bailing out crying recalling the event that had me on edge

"He wouldn't wa .. wake up then he started sweating rapidly, I rushed him to the hospital, Charley, He looked so much worse then Now. They stabilized him but that's all I know" She finished the story and let her head fall into her hands to let the tears fall freely

Mia sat silently wiping stray tears at that moment Mason uttered a low dry Mama. I raced to him and held his small fragile hand, I just crumbled his eyes didn't even flicker from my touch, Nothing he normally smiled when I held his hand but zip He was just lifeless. If it wasn't for the constant beads of sweat from his forehead I would be hysterical. Mason has never been this quiet ever.

The doctor finally appeared he had a solemn look on his face "Ms. Wilkes."

He extended his hand out formally and I met it with a firm handshake.

"Doctor. What's wrong with my baby? Why isn't he waking up? My nanny informed me that it was the measles but this seems more intense than that"

He sighed "Mason did catch Measles. But due to his young age and size, the virus not only attacked his immune system it caused some slight swelling on his cerebral lining: which induces this coma-like state we have given him something to stop the swelling but the medicine weakens his immune system more. Which makes Mason more susceptible to Pneumonia which is quite fatal to children under 5. So we've medicated him and now. We must hope for the best"

He gave us a small amount of solace, but the reality is that Mason is sick and it is purely up to him to fight against the virus. All we could do is pray and stay by his side

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