Is This Date Night ?????

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Chapter 23-Is This Date Night?????

(Charley P.O.V)

I stretched I haven't laid in my bed in forever I wanted to stay longer but reality hit.I spouted up..Where's Mason? I raced downstairs

"Mason!" I shouted while rushing through the living area. I stalled when I saw the mess that awaited me in my kitchen. It was horrible pots and pans ever were and the center of the mess. Stood a sauce-drenched Mason and Aiden. I was amazed at the utter lack of control in the kitchen first Mason should never be allowed to stand on the counter, and not only that Aiden actually gave him the stuff to stir. So he was standing on the counter with a mixing bowl in his stubby little hands.

"Wh...Why?" I forced out the obvious question

Aiden dropped the spoon He was holding

"We.. were trying to cook"He sounded uncertain in his reply

I frowned "OBVIOUSLY YOU GUYS CAN'T!" I yelled I walked up to the counter and sat a now rumpled Mason in his high chair to keep him from causing more of a mess.

"I just don't understand why you allow Mason to actually mix something on his own"

He scratches his head "I don't know'He blushed like actually blushed it would have been cute if he didn't ruin my lovely kitchen

"No worries ill have the help clean up," he said while he tried to brush off the situation

"No" I folded my arms and when his eyes traveled down my body. I noticed what I was wearing the silk robe left very little to the imagination and Aiden looked as if he was loving every exposed part and I was instantly hot from his stare

"We are going to clean it up after I change"

He frowned when I brought up changing he smirked "Why you look so good"

I smacked my lips and hurried upstairs to change I knew Aiden was watching so I added a little extra switch to my walk knowing it was too much but I had to do it.

I grabbed my favorite football t-shirt the Steelers (Steelers are my favorite football team) And some PJs Shorts.

I walked back into my personal hell's kitchen to pick up Mason. Noticing the hard stare I was getting. I made sure to bend slightly over so he could get a good view I smiled Mia would be so proud she's always calling me a prude but not today I laughed internally

"Did you at least fed him?"I said while laughing at my inside joke

"No I didn't even feed us" he defended

I frowned and looked at the food stained Aiden I felt bad for him so I offered

"How about this you take a shower in your apartment while I'll wash Mason up and you come back and I'll cook dinner for us all"Without fully thinking it through

He smiled "Sounds good I'll be back in 30 minutes and I'll have one of my staff come to clean up this mess "

I looked around the kitchen and at my messy son who was covered head to toe in flour

"Okay fine we have a deal" I felt bad that someone else would have to clean up after what Mason and Aiden had done but it was getting late and Mason still needs a bath

Aiden left us alone

"Bath time!," I said in a kiddie voice

'Dat time'" He smirked a new trait he seemed to developed which I guessed from being around Aiden.

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