The Aftermath

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Chapter 19-The Aftermath

(Aiden's P.O.V)

She lied to me, She lied to me, was all I could comprehend after meeting Charley's unnamed bastard child. She not only laid with a worthless man but bared his spawn. I was infuriated someone had to pay. I was on autopilot as I raced out of the hospital and I was in my surveillance room ready to fire everyone in there

"Why wasn't I informed that my P.A HAD A CHILD" I screamed

"Sir, We thought you knew" I seized the nearest laptop and chucked it across the room

"Does it look like. I knew?" they all shook they head No

"Get me every video of My P.As apartment and put it in my office for my review. You all better be happy I'm not firing you all"

I walked to my office and grabbed the scotch and moments later I was given all the videos over the 4 month span and I begun to watch everything from How early Charley woke up everyday to get her son ready to how late she got in and not only that but how she would sneak into his room every night to kiss him but to also stayed up to do her work every day she worked occasionally she would have her best friend over and her babysitter practically lived with her but I not only wanted to still monopolize Charley despite her lies despite her low rank in upper society but I started to become envious of The child. I never got that much love from anyone expect Samuel and he's paid help. But he gets that love from the woman that I desire every day. Just watching her pick out his clothes or her getting ready for work it made me want to be apart of that at least with Charley.

Halfway through the bottle and the videos, I decided to marry Charley and ship that baby to a boarding school in England and have Charley to myself I even called Richard to tell him my plans which he greatly disapproved of.

"You know, She won't send him away," he said in an aggravated tone

"I didn't ask if she would agree. Im going to do it!" Did he not know who's he talking to? Im Aiden Price

"It is obvious you're drunk call me once you sober up" He ended the call after that. He is so rude

Maybe I should go to the hospital and see why she loves that baby so much He can't be better than me ...For fuck sake, I'm Aiden Fucking Price.

I called Samuel " I need your assistance"

"Of course sir"

I was so drunk, I scarcely remember how I got to the hospital and how I got passed the mean receptionist is beyond me but when I became aware of my surroundings a Pair of Hazel eyes was staring at me questioningly. I somehow had a Return To Sender sticker in my hand.I looked around the room looking for his mother and she was in the uncomfortable looking hospital seat fast asleep

"So you're the bastard," I said while pointing a finger at the small child

"That got the one thing the Great Aiden Price can't have "

His little face frowned up and he tilted his head to the right

"DO you think you are better than me" I questioned the small child

He did the most astonishing thing He smiled and mimicked my hand gestures and even frowned like me "betterrr ten Me" He said

I couldn't help it I smiled that was kinda cute, but Im cute too

I growled and pulled up a chair next to his bed

"Aiden Price," I said while extending my hand towards him

He copied with a smile it was at that moment. I realized how adorable He was, He was a fairly tall 2-year-old, and he had a head full of luscious black curls like Charley's and his Hazel eyes though not like Charley's it looked similar to hers and He was a few shades darker than my own skin tone.

I spent the whole night talking to this unnamed child and I completely enjoyed it. I was hoping it was from the alcohol but I knew it is because this child is infectious. 

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