Girl's Night Out

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Chapter - 5 Girl's Night Out


I opened my door, and naturally, Mia was playing was listening to her boo thang- Lil Wayne, and shaking her ass, I shook my head at the thought of poor MJ having to deal with her since I'd been gone.

"Ayyyyeeee," she screamed while dancing.

She started doing some weird hand movements.

I laughed so hard. "You're such a rat," I yelled over the music.

She frowned. "Yo mama!" She busted out laughing at my faux offended facial expression, and Mason started to waddle over to me.

"So did you get my text?" I asked her, picking Mason up from the ground.

"Yeah, that's why I'm dancing to my baby daddy. By the way, we're going out, and I'm paying!"

"Why? I didn't accept it yet. I'm sleeping on the offer. Letting him sweat it out."

She gave me some kind of half grin half smile.

"Ooh... you're going to accept it. I've done my homework on him. Your old Secretary job was child's play to being his P.A. All his old P.A.'s are working higher up now in his many businesses. His last P.A. went off the grid and then became the V.P. to his Tech Company, so imagine where you could go. You could be the head of his advertising company if that's still what you want. You shouldn't have given up on your art."

I frowned. She knew why I quit, but a night out felt like heaven.

I put a struggling Mason down.

"What about this little guy?" I asked, rubbing his little head.

She tickled his toes.

"A babysitter. I know a good girl. My boss' daughter is looking for work, and she already agreed."

I sighed. I squatted low and kissed his chubby cheeks as he played with the blocks I'd bought him the other day from Toys 'R Us.

I looked up from his smooth, brown skin to her face that was practically begging me to say yes. Finally, I just gave in.

"Fine, let's get sexy," I said

She squeaked and pulled me to my room. She went straight to the closet and searched for an outfit for me. She came out with an all-black, strapless bodycon dress. I loved how it fit my curves. The back had a design similar to a rose that still showed off my back.

"Go take a shower. I'll take Mason to my apartment while you get dressed, then I'll fix our hair."

I nodded in confirmation. She was so bossy. She grabbed Mason and left. I flopped down on the bed, thinking of my day. First getting fired, then immediately getting a new job offer. I sighed and got up from my bed. I wasn't struggling financially, but paying the bills had left little money for Mason and me. Most of my stuff was inexpensive I got most of my furniture from second-hand shops, and after leaving Aiden's Abode it now felt cheap, but it was still a step up compared to where I came from. I've always felt blessed to be able to pay my bills, have a car, and not be in debt, but this man was offering me a better life for myself and Mason. Would it be selfish to turn down this job just because I couldn't stand the employer? It would be more idiotic than selfish.

I groaned and marched to my bathroom. I showered like she commanded and was lotioning up when she came back with a now cranky Mason.

I frowned. "What's wrong with him?"

She sat on my worn out couch and shrugged. "He's upset because I wouldn't hold him."

He started waddling to me with his chubby cheeks poked out. He sat down near me and laid his head down on his pillow. He started to scratch his eyes and did the cutest yawn that had Mia and I both cooing at how cute he was.

"So why aren't you dressed?" she questioned

I looked at her she wore an all-white dress. It was made like a shirt skirt combo. It crinkled at the sides making her look even curvier. She accessorized it with a silver necklace, bracelets, and earrings set.

"Fine I'll change," I said.

She ignored me and picked up Mason who snuggled up to her neck. I had to hold back the Aww cause she loved being tough but had a soft spot for Mason and me sometimes.

I went into the room put my dress on, and not to be overly confident but a girl looked good. Something I hadn't felt or said for a long time. I took a moment and examined myself in the Black Dress which had worked a magical spell on me tonight, or my mirror was switched out with one of those fun circus mirrors. I laughed at my cheesy joke but all jokes aside something was different. My breast looked extra nice and perky, my not so Flat stomach seemed to have disappeared. I needed to go out, and if I kept looking at myself, I wouldn't stop twirling. After a few more moments of ogling myself, I grabbed my red bottom heels, the only thing I had splurged on for myself me since forever. I regretted it moments later after buying it, but I needed some going out shoes. I walked in on Mia gently placing MJ in his playpen.

She grabbed my hand and led me to my bathroom.

"Okay, so I'm gonna go messy bun," She gestured to my head "all of that."

"Whatever. You wish you had all of this". I flicked a strand of my thick hair off my shoulders

She frowned. "Girl whatever I'm working the short hair" as she laid done her edges

" True!! "We both laughed Mia made the big chop 2 years ago and never looked back and it worked she was never shy to experiment with colors and different styles.

She worked fast, and even made sure my hair was pinned, she even styled hers in a cute Mohawk and to be honest we both looked hot.

"So who's driving?" I asked cautiously I didn't want to be the designated driver

She laughed as she continued adding her mascara.

"No one, we're getting drunk, and you're getting laid!" she yelled out excitedly which scared me almost causing me to stab my eye with the eyeshadow brush

I laughed" By whom " The idea of me and a man was almost like a set up to a very bad joke, but Mia always tried to encourage my wilder side...

She shrugged "I don't know we'll see" She didn't sound too convinced herself

Right on cue, someone knocked on my door

"I got it " I shrugged.

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