Clothes Makes The Woman

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Clothes Makes The Woman -Chapter 31

(Charley's P.O.V)

I dawned on my first risqué outfit to hide exactly what I had on I put on a jacket making sure my skirt is barely visible

I grabbed my son who was dressed in a cute blue polo shirt and blue jeans it took forever but I was able to style Mason's hair it was still curly but more manageable

I double checked Mason diaper bag making sure he was prepared for his first day. I smiled a year ago a baby was the last thing on my mind, Now he is all I can think about

I kissed his forehead

"Mason, are you ready to make new friends?"

Mason yawned in response I kissed his forehead and proceeded on to the parking lot. Making sure he was secure in the car seat, I drove off to work

I walked in carrying a now asleep Mason. I spoke to Pam who was drawn to Mason gushing over him apparently, she has a daughter. She has never brung her up it's probably because I didn't ask her; babies were a taboo subject for me. Her daughter name is Ava and she's currently up in daycare. We talked for a moment about children I was happy our conversation was back to normal

"Charley," She said timidly

"Yes, Pam?" She stared down apprehensively

"I'm sorry!"

"For?" I was baffled as to what she was apologizing for

"For kinda.. avoiding you last Month I know listening to the media was a big mistake I was just hurt you kept having a child a secret" she smiled solemnly"Ava is too wonderful to hide"

I contemplated her words it makes sense.

I shrugged 'Its okay I understand so to get rid of this dry mood can you show me pictures of Ava"

She lite up after she should me picture after picture of her cute brown hair, and green-eyed baby. We shared motherly stories but we promised to finish later because Mason needed to get dropped off

The new daycare was just below Aidens office so It wasn't such a task taking him to daycare. I talked to the caretakers there they were very friendly it was 4 people. Jeff was the man in charge, there was also Whitney and Wixom they are twins Wixom was a boy but they favored each other so much it was kinda hard to tell the difference and they both loved Mason there was another young man named Rod there he was kinda standoffish but I hate to admit it I trusted Aiden and his hired workers

I kissed Mason goodbye and I asked Jeff to make sure someone called me around noon to make sure MJ was okay.

I reached the elevator and hit the top floor, today was the official day I started as Aiden's P.A I was kinda excited.

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