The Call

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Chapter 7-The Call



I groaned and answered the phone "What!" I yelled I had a rough night thinking about Charley which left me with a near-permanent hard on

"Bradshaw! "a familiar soft voice asked

"Yeah, sure whatever" I answered in a clipped tone

"Good, you're up! I'm kinda NO I'm super drunk, and I'm with Aiden's dumb ass friend" She slurred

"I Love California!!!" I heard Richard scream.

Charley laughs so hard "Yoooou mean New York" she corrected

I then heard another woman scream " In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of there's nothin' you can't do

Now you're in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you

Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York" she sang very loudly and off-key.

"Yeah so we got kicked out cuz Mia punched the bartender in the face, and she kept sayings .....Ummmh oh yeah what you gonna do bitch I got yo hoe card... so yeah it's called Viper."

She murmured

Before I could talk, she screamed at Richard for peeing on a fire hydrant. I got up not bothering to call Samuel and quickly got dressed in a T-shirt and some jogging pants I rushed to my Audi and raced to Viper. When I pulled up Richard was the first to notice me he ran to me and literally hugged me.

"Man ...Mann!!" He said in between hiccups "I missed you, I Man I love yooou!!"

He yelled the last part in my ear, and I pushed the drunkard away.

"Get in the back seat!" I barked.

He pouted "You coulda said it back" he murmured as he slid in the back seat. I disregarded his comment, and I went to look for Charley to see her holding back a midget from fighting a street lamp "MS.WILKES!!" She froze, and the midget looked up at me, murmured something to Charley, she let go of her hold on the street lamp, and stomped up to me she started jabbing my chest with her stubby fingers.

"I'm not scared of No giants!!!" she screeched. "So be gone."

I looked at her with my known for glare she instantly stopped her jabbing, in fact, she dropped her hands completely and diligently walked to my car. And slide in next to Richard.

That was easy "Come on."

Charley thawed out and started mumbling incoherently she followed behind slowly. I waited until she was in the car before I got in

"Charley do you have any idea what time it is?"

"No, but we were celebrating we haven't partied in foreveeer, and I'm not lame," she said slowly making sure each word was correct.

"So Adrian ..." she gasped at her mistake "I mean... ummmh Aiden I'm ready to sign the contract, but I left it at home " she folded her arms and pouted

I smiled this was easier than I thought maybe I should have gotten her drunk I chuckled silently

"No worries, I have one at home you can sign" I smirked victoriously Aiden Price always got what he wanted.

"Good!" she mumbled as she drifted off to sleep, this was perfect timing.

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