Game Plan

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Game Plan-Chapter 31

(Charley P.OV Her Waking Up)

Smack -Smack the feeling of someone small hand on my leg, I ignored the sensation at first, but What The Fuck was all I thought when I felt the bedspread get pulled from under me.

I heard a huff "Another set of soiled sheets" the lady remarked I darted up from the bed as the lady walked to the many pillows

I stood up looking down at the short familiar, plump woman her peppery hair was pulled into a tight bun

"Well, good morning to you too," I said sarcastically rubbing my slightly swore leg

She frowned and huffed and stomped away

I stretched and felt a cool breeze fly by I looked down on the dark t-shirt I wore and colored slightly I was wearing Aiden's shirt.

Mrs.Louis came back from the closet and threw some clothes at me

I glanced at the small dress she gave me and frowned

" Where did that come from?"

She smirked"You think Mr.Price don't have clothes for his gals" her southern accent was heavy and her eyes burned from the enjoyment

She chuckled lowly

I frowned at the dress but grabbed it and walked to the bathroom as the rude bitch continued cleaning

Since I didn't have any underclothes on getting dressed was easy.

The tight too little dress was ridiculous, I'm a fairly tall shapely woman this was just awful the dress V design dipped too low for comfort, my breast was spilling out in a whorish fashion

It was beyond tiny, barely passing my private area.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked cheap, my hair was a mess, my face was puffy. I groaned and walked out of the room

Mrs.louis was still cleaning

She was I guess nice enough to leave some shoes by the door

I put the unfamiliar pair of shoes on

I looked around hoping to hear Mason but nothing I sighed I had to ask her "Have you seen my son?"

She frowned "His with Mr.Price.''

I sighed that's fine I guess I found my purse laying on the nightstand. I picked it up and left out. I walked out of the room and tried my best to remember my way to the kitchen

It wasn't that hard to find I stumbled around and found all needed items to make coffee I almost danced as my coffee brew

Mrs.Louis came lumbering over to me her pale face steaming I sighed here She comes In her hand she held some black fabric

"If you're going to be loose at least have some manners and clean up after yourself !" she huffed haughtily

"Aiden and these women they get worse ...He has never brought a woman with a child that's a new one" she scuffed to herself in disbelieve

The entire time, I was drinking my coffee she made comments as most people did when the media announced that Mason was Aiden's unnamed bastard

I was amazed at her nonstop comments, it was comical she stated the problem with young people having babies. Stated several sins about premarital sex all the while cleaning the counters

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