New Beginnings

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Chapter 10-New Beginnings

(Charley P. O .V.)

"Stop it! "Mia whines to Richard about him touching her

"I'm not touching you " he argues back very childishly

This has been going on since I left Aidens office all we had to do was take the elevator down 5 levels but No they can't stop bickering just when my patience was wearing thin.

"Enough." was all that came out of his sexy mouth... I mean not sexy, I meant loud, obnoxious, and don't forget arrogant mouth, but that one-word silenced the elevator ride. And they not only stopped but straightened up their stance.

I wonder why those two listened to him so fully, his not their boss but then again Aiden Price commands authority besides myself I have yet to see anyone utter a word against him. Makes me think just how powerful this man is.

As I lost myself in thought I couldn't help my gaze wander to him he drew my attention to his masculine frame. My eyes traced his body something I never gave myself the leisure the do when I first worked under him. He was even wearing business clothes on the weekend. Which made me smile secretly does he ever relax? He had his eyes closed but even that action was didn't feel natural. As if he could feel my stare his grey cold eyes opened and was staring back he didn't smile or frown he was just staring blankly.

I turned around just in time for the elevator to ding and we were in a lobby

Aiden turned left in front of a door that read PL3

He stopped at the letters "This is your apartment number each level has a letter and meaning this is a Penthouse/Loft number 3 remember it's all yours now"

He opened the door

And it was, of course, breathtaking more than that the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous hardwood flooring but that pales in comparison to the space itself nothing went unattended.

Premium wood floors covered all but a small section of white luscious carpet with a black coffee table, with an expensive wrap-around couch and another smaller couch which lead to a beautiful balcony It had a perfect view of the harbor I can just imagine waking up to such a beautiful site. The wall across from the couch held a mantle with a fireplace which held a large tv above it.

Behind the couch held a beautiful marble bar that leads into the kitchen with matching marble countertops. The kitchen was equipped with all new silver appliances just stunning once you walk through the living room there were 3 doors two were right next to each other and both held spacious fully furnished rooms both with big king size bed with darkly wooded nightstands on both sides matching dressers and both had nice sized closets

And next to the bedrooms held a luxurious bathroom the second one closest to the front door was perfect for Mason I was already picturing his room design we left out and I was amazed it was so spacious and it held so much possibility as an artist I could imagine the new decor after I evaluated the space

I noticed there was a small black spiral staircase near the front door which leads to an upper level.

My favorite part was the upper level it was the very definition of open the level itself was made more of a thick wood balcony giving me a full view of the apartment. It held a big beautiful California king bed with matching nightstand across from a vanity mirror. Above the bed held a large glass chandelier which brought attention to the all black wall behind the bed and that brought the room together to me.

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