A Glimpse in Their Best Friends lives

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Hiii everyone for all the views and votes I love you all :)) special thanks to @Cjc8357 for the awesome cover I love it. Okay so I just wanted everyone to see into Mia's and Richard's Life so A quick look. Hope you like.

Chapter 25-A Glimpse in Their Best Friends lives

The Night in questioned

(Mia and Richard after Mason is entered in the hospital)

Mia P.O.V

It hurts, it truly hurts, My chest feels like it's about to collapse the room is twirling and in the center of it all, I see my nephew. My baby strapped up to this machines and I hear the doctor say it's up to him to fight it, my baby, he's so small barely two years old. And he has to fight a virus my heartbeats start to pick up rapidly and pound, loudly. My palms sweating I really wish I took my anti-anxiety medicine today I haven't needed it in a while but the things I'm feeling right now is not normal. I waited until Charley was settled in before I left. To kill these nerves the quickest way, by drinking them away. I drove to some upscale lounge and order me a glass of wine I downed the first cup then sipped the second one my nerves already forgotten. I was already calm and relaxed listening to the soft music play I was so neutral I wasn't annoyed when the overly familiar blonde sat next to me I wasn't bothered by his bothersome presences or his basic drinking choice "Why are you drinking all alone?'"He voice was laced with an unnecessary sleekness

I smiled "Its just something I do. Occasionally"

I finished my second glass and gestured to the bartender to fill my cup up

"What do you want Richard?" the buzz leaving me as I noticed all the stares we were receiving.

"Nothing I just want to talk". He said genuinely

"Plus it looks like something is bothering you I been told I'm a great listener", He added with a grin

....Few drinks later

We were at my apartment and No, I'm not drunk. Honesty, I feel alone and depressed and He listened to me rave about everything. So why shouldn't I at least offer him coffee?

" Soo is it true? Did you really punch three Cops in the face"He started laughing "Just so you could get some scoop for your newspaper? That's ridiculous''

"It wasn't some scoop it was the unveiling of the truth. Our Governor is good for nothing if I was given more freedom I would have exposed his drug addiction, countless affairs everything not just his embezzlement scandal. So everyone could see what a bastard he is, but politicals and restrictions"I smiled " Yeah it was actually four cops if you count the one who booked me that was a fun day"

It was supposed to be coffee but I brought out something a little stronger after we both had our 3rd shot

Richard asked the question I feared the most "Where did Charley run off to? Aiden's been calling me all night asking have I talked to her"

Before I could stop it I spoke, "Ohh she's in the hospital with Mason"

"Whose Mason?" he questioned

"Her son." I gasped and covered my mouth as the truth came out

"Her son? I got to tell Aiden he's worried sick about her. "As he reached for His phone I did the only thing I could think off. I kissed him and of course, that lead to us having sex, and of course, which lead him to assume. I'm his can my life get any more complicated ...

(Richard P.OV At The Bar)

I never believed in fate, Hell not even love, It was always something the few people I knew experienced it. But I knew the moment I spotted her at the bar something was at work her blonde hair was the first thing I saw It was so bright and it stood out among the dull socialites and I loved it she was nursing that wine glass. I fixed my clothes checked my hair. I look good I approached her smoothly

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