The Resolve

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The Resolve -Chapter 36

(Aiden P.O.V)

I walked into AdFlex I couldn't help but notice I've been spending all my time at this one business, It was so unlike me.I've been changing lately and at first I would say it was for the worse but the warm feeling I've grown accustomed to is something I can't see me given up anytime soon.

As I arrived at my desk Charley had my coffee already placed on my desk with a small posted note-Good morning Aiden I've gotten everything ready for Our meeting in an hour! :)

This small note had the warm feeling wash over my body this weekend without Mason and she was nerve-wrecking. Especially, with me vowing not to watch her videos in fear it would be deemed as unusual so I stayed up all night worrying about what they were up to and Charley made no attempts to contact me either.

She did call Samuel but he wouldn't tell me anything about their gathering

I reviewed the documents Charley laid on my desk it was a fairly simple project. I let Charley take the reins on it she gave me all the notes and clips of her slideshow it was very impressive.

I don't know why I'm surprised she is amazing at her job

She even put cute posts throughout the packet

Before I knew it was time for the meeting

I was first to arrive I sat at the head of the table Charley already placed the packages in front of everyone's seat

The room started to fill up Marcus pulled up the seat next to me on my right side he flipped through the packet and grinned at me "She's impressive"

I placed a cocky smirk on "Of course, I only hire the best"

As soon as the room became full

Charley came in and my cocky smile fell and I gazed in awe. I couldn't take my eyes off her I can honestly admit that I missed her it was a breath of fresh air to see he. She was glowing her hair fell loosely on her frame in lush curls, her brown skin looked rejuvenated, and her cheeks were rosy, her lips were fresh with gloss she wore a white blouse tucked into her navy blue knee high skirt. She wore a lace matching blazer with nude heels this outfit left little to the imagination and if I wasn't familiar with every nook and cranny of her body. I would want to explore it more she was beautiful and I really wish that this room had more women in it because the man couldn't stop ogling her even though she wasn't paying attention to them.

But I couldn't help my cold glaze that hit everyone that I saw looking to long on her precious assets

I was so busy worrying about the male onlookers I didn't notice that Charley was calling my name until Marcus tapped my shoulder.

I stopped looking at Mr.Bing the perverted older man and I was met by the annoyed look on Charley's face

She placed one hand on the waist and placed a phony smile on her face

"Mr.Price, Im so happy to finally get your attention!" she joked halfheartedly "But I was just asking if you wanted to add anything?" she added

Hmmh I didn't but I could use this as an excuse to have her sit down

"Yes!" I nearly jumped up" Ms.Wilkes please have a seat"

She looked at me questioning my intentions but she gave up and sat in the seat closest to her

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