Family Night?

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Hi everyone I was hoping to update a lot sooner but unfortunately that didn't happen But now I have a little goal in my head to have this story rank higher on the Romance list so I'm hoping that goal will have the creative juices flowing...But anyway here's the new chapter I hope everyone like it so Read, Comment, And Vote

Family Night? -Chapter 28

(Charley P.O.V)

"So you set this all up by yourself?"

I questioned looking him up and down knowing he didn't even place a napkin on the table

He smirked annoyingly "Not at all I tried the other night I won't try cooking ever again Mrs.Louis made this and Samuel set everything up"

I nodded my head in understanding

"Who's Mrs.Louis ?"

He laughed "The woman you meet when you and your friend were drunk. She told you couldn't leave "

I frowned slightly yeah I remember her she didn't help much back then

He smiled and lifted the silver lids from our plates

I giggled I was think something expensive so Aiden Price like but laid in front of me was a stack of pancakes something so simple

I laughed even harder "Why?"

He shrugged"This is what I was supposed to make for you the other night"

I smiled "I was expecting something more ...Price like but this is even better"

We both started eating making light conversation so far better than the last dinner.

"So, since your absence, we've noticed how valuable you are to the company and from this point on. I would like to Welcome you as an official member of my exclusive team" He places a small thin velvet case on the table

I look at the small case looking at it with a mix of excitement and disbelief.

I opened it, I couldn't hold back my excitement It held one sleek black key card which had my name engraved on it I slightly frowned

'This isn't another credit card ...Is?"Don't get me wrong there isn't anything like a company credit card but after that announcement.

He smirked, " No, this is a universal key card use for all my businesses and this gives you access to my homes."

I was amazed, he entrusted me with this.

He genuinely smiled "Only two other people have that key Richard and Samuel''

I smiled secretly to myself and Now me I couldn't help but feel kinda special

Content with my new position we go back to our meal.When a smile lite his face and his gray eyes shined like never before he wasn't looking at me. I instantly turned around to see what made him light up like that and when I saw what he saw my heart completely melted

In walked Samuel with my little bundle of joy in his arms.Kaylee was nervously fidgeting with her hair as if she wasn't sure if she should be here

I extended my arms to receive my son when my hands were blocked by a massive man that scooped my baby into his masculine hands.

I scorned Aiden's baby snatching hands and I zeroed in on Kaylee

"Why is Mason here?" I made sure my tone was tender not accusing

Kaylee is a very anxious person. I'd hate to make her have a panic attack from a question. Shes usually isn't this uneasy but I can assume it is from being around Aiden..He brings that out in everyone.

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