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The next morning I woke up in bed next to Hannah and Louis, I looked around me and everyone was on the floor except for Liam, Harry and Linds. Niall was on top of Zayn which I found it hilarious I don’t know why. I stood up and I was wearing the same clothes from last night, I walked to Harry’s bed that was next to mine and took my purse. Why did Harry have my purse?? He groaned and turned around. He’s beautiful… I have a serious problem here. I day dream a lot, maybe this wasn’t day dreaming but the way his curls fall perfectly in his face was really cute and I just wanted to grab him and kiss his lips. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time.

3:48 pm. SHIT


“It’s 3:48 in the afternoon??” Geee. I almost had a heart attack.

“I know but I’m not gonna say “Good afternoon” –Liam

“Good point.” –I put my head in my hands “My head hurts” I frowned

He stood up and gave me a pill. 

“Do you want to grab breakfast or lunch? They’re not waking up anytime soon” –Liam smiled

“Thanks and sure let me just change” 

After five minutes of washing my face and grabbing some old denim shorts and a hoodie I left the room with Liam. We walked outside to the parking lot.

“You have a car?” 

“Nope but we have Louis’ car” –Liam

I nodded. To be honest I’ve never really talked to Liam before so it was really awkward.

“What happened last night?” –I said trying to break the uncomfortable silence between the two of us, if I was with Louis we would be singing or laughing our hearts out.

“You don’t remember? You passed out in Niall.” –Liam chuckled.

“What? When you mean in Niall…You mean on top of Niall?” 

“That’s correct. What do you remember from last night?” –Liam

“Hmmm…” I paused for a second trying to remember. “I went to the club with Nathan and the rest of the band, I got there and I started drinking and I remember feeling extremely happy, I remember dancing with Harry” –I smiled to myself and paused. “I was with Nathan all night and I don’t remember anything else” 

“You don’t remember making out with Nathan at the party??” –Liam

“Oh yes” –I smiled to myself…AGAIN but it was stupid I wasn’t going to see him again BUT at least I kissed a cute guy who sings…and who was a huge celebrity in the UK and he was a sweet heart.

“You were aggressive last night, pushing me around, slapping Louis, yelling at Harry” –Liam chuckled

“In my defense I was drunk” 

“All of you were drunk except for me. Harry and Niall were neither drunk nor sober but they did help a lot, almost all of the girls passed out and thanks god I couldn’t have done it by myself.” –Liam

“Awww. Tell me one thing. How did I end up in a bed with Hannah and Lou?–I chuckled.

“Yes, and to be honest I don’t know.” –Liam

“Why weren’t you drunk last night?” 

“I’m the daddy of our group of friends and some other problems..” –Liam

“Does it bother you dealing with annoying drunk, horny teenagers?”  I remember Louis was literally having sex with Hannah on the dance floor.

“Sometimes but it’s fun” –Liam

“I bet” 

“Yeah” –Liam

We went to McDonalds and talked about everything, Liam was absolutely one of the most adorable guys ever, he told me about his date with Lindsey and what he liked about her. He really liked her. 

“What do you want to do now?” –Liam 

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” 

“Well, this is really awkward but I need to ask you something.” He grabbed my hand and led me to a little store and pointed his finger to a bracelet in a little blue box.

“AWWWW” –I yelled

“Do you think she’ll like it?” –He nearly whispered

“Are you kidding me?? She’ll love it!!!!!!!!” – I hugged him

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