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I looked straight ahead to hide my blushing when I saw two girls walking toward us, waving their hands. 

"Oh no" Harry muttered to himself.


"It’s Grace and her twin sister, Bella!"He sighed


"You don’t understand, they’ve been stalking me since year 8. "

"Excuse me?"

"What? "

"What’s year 8?" I asked..the slang was different.

"You don’t know what year 8 is?"

"No I don’t?! "

"Hi Harry" The two girls giggled.

"Oh hey Grace! Hey Bella!" Harry said no making eye contact with any of the ginger girls.

They’re ginger. COOL

They turned to me and I slowed down a little to look at them and say hello.

"Hi I’m Bella and this is my twin sister Grace" She smiled warmly

"Hi" Grace said staring at me like if she was trying to read me.

"Hey I’m Emma!" I smiled 

"You’re American? " Grace asked

"Yes, yes I am"

"We’ve always wanted to go to America!" Bella said dreamily

She kinda reminded me of me. It was like shorter and ginger version of me. I don't know why. I'm not even ginger.

"It’s beautiful! "I said looking at both of them then I glanced at Harry who was staring at the floor.

"Harry is she family of yours or…" He cut her off.

"She’s my friend" He smiled

I" met him…and it’s a long story" I said remembering every single detail that has happened since I met him.

"Oh a friend" Bella winked 

"At least she’s nice not like that ex-girlfriend of yours who set us up" Grace commented.

"Felicity?" I said.

"Yes" Both of them said staring at Harry


"How are you doing with the break up?" Bella asked sweetly.

"I’m fine! I don’t feel anything for her anymore"

"Well you’re available now, aren’t you?" Bella said excited.


"Bella and I are available too" Grace nudged her sister and smiled.

"Shut up Grace! He’s with his friend" She said in a weird accent and giggling.

"You remind me of Fred and George" –I said.

I said it out loud? Damn it. They smiled at me

"Really? We get that a lot." –Bella

"Your personalities are just so adorable"

"Awww –"Grace

"Harry so which one of this girls do you want to date? "–I teased. He looked at me with a disapproval look and said nothing.

"Oh my god" Grace said blushing.

Harry looked at me and muttered the words “thank you” in a sarcastic way. Obviously!

"You also remind me of Niall! He’s adorable" –I giggled.

"Who’s Niall? "–Bella asked curiously .

"It’s my Irish best friend "I said proudly

"Oh cute"-Grace

"Sorry that’s so random" I laughed

"It’s alright, what’s your name again, sorry?" –Bella

"Emma, Emma Pendleton" I smiled at the two girls who wrote it down on their phones…weird.

"Alright then, we’re leaving. Bye Emma! Bye Harry-"They left giggling and whispering things.

"They’re nice"I said when they finally were gone.

"Not if they’ve been stalking you for years"Harry

" Aw come on I bet it wasn't that bad"

"It was! They would smell my hair, and that’s creepy"

I laughed. 

"Okay focus!! We were playing a game and it’s my turn to ask" 

"Right, go on"

"Do you like Niall?"

"No I don’t, why?"

"Just asking, you met him and you guys were talking and I don’t know…I figured out you liked him"

"Why would I like him? Nope, I actually got him a date yesterday for the party!"

"What party?"

"Yesterday everyone went out to a party or to some bar I don’t know, but I want it to stay at the hotel!"

"Oh and why is that?"

"I don’t know, I didn’t want to go out I guess-" I laughed nervously.

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