I noticed he was trying to read me, I was hoping he wouldn’t ask the REAL intention of me staying alone in my hotel room, suddenly my phone started buzzing. It was a message from Louis

“Hey love, are you sure you don’t want me to pick you up? A pretty lady like you shouldn’t be there doing absolutely nothing, I can get you an extra ticket, the boys who are playing tonight are my mates:)xx”

I sighed. Hmmmm now it’s a great time for Louis to say I TOLD YOU SO. I have nowhere to sleep and basically they’re going to a concert tonight so there’s no way they can pick me up later.

"Everything alright?" Harry smiled at me

"Yes, fine. It’s Lou he wants to pick me up and go to the concert! I guess I’ll have to say yes."

"Why? You’re gonna leave me?" He said in a girly voice

"You’re pathetic" I smirked and I watched as a smirk appeared on his face and I stared at him looking at every little detail on his perfect face.

"So what concert?"

He must have noticed I was staring at him like a complete idiot.

"I don’t know…some boys he’s friends with"

"Hmmm…"He stared blankly at the floor trying to think.

“Hi Lou, you were right-.- I’m here sitting in the park with Harry he told me my Aunt and her husband were on vacations or something like that…Who’s concert are we going?:)”

I looked back at Harry who was now staring at some random tree, thinking I guess. 


"Emma?" He answered after a short pause.

My phone buzzed again.

“OHHH HAZZAAAA;) Was he there in the restaurant? Oh and this British boy band called ‘The Wanted’:) I thought I mentioned it before?x”

Yes ‘Hazzaaaaaa’-. - No he was at the bakery, we bumped into each other…The wanted huh? Are they cute?? Hehe<3:) Woops I guess I forgot. can u get me an extra ticket...? One for me and one for Harry? If that’s ok..?”

"Harold?" I repeated again


"Harold?" I said softly

"Emma? "Harry winked

My phone buzzed again. 

“OHHHHH;) Yes, it happens to be that Nathan and I grew up together, and not as cute as Hazza;) Of course love! Be there soon! X”

“Oh coolio’…lmfao shut up -.-! okie!”

"I was wondering…" I was finding the right words to say this…I was beginning to feel nervous and shy.

"Yeah?" Harry looked at me with those eyes, he made me melt inside.

"Are you doing anything tonight?" I finally said not making eye contact with him.

"No, why?"

"You know the concert I was talking about, well I have an extra ticket for “The Wanted” and you can’t say no "I said suddenly with more confidence and looking at him.

"I like their music but what if I want to say no?" He grinned

"Well you’ll miss the fun, we’re going to an after party and it won’t be the same without you. The last time we went to a party together we didn’t even see each other until the very end."

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